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PRC – 25 Squad Radio

Vietnam Era

The PRC-25 is the single most significant contribution to military tactical communication of it's type since the advent of the SCR-300 (BC-1000). It and it's immediate successor the PRC-77 would become the most proliferate radio in military history spanning almost 30 years, 40 countries, and countless manufactures foreign and domestic. It would remain the standard for comparison long after it's obsolescence, and still remains in widespread use today. Besides being the first solid state FM backpack radio, it also introduced the now standard 150cps tone squelch system which effectively "Grunt Proofed" it not only simplifying operation by untrained personnel but also reducing front panel controls to a minimum.


The PRC-25 was the first synthesized unit, offered wider yet frequency coverage, and had just one tube (RF power output stage). Over 125,000 were produced. The all solid state but otherwise identical PRC-77 followed, with a large quantity produced as well. Tone squelch was introduced during this time period.





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