Regimental Master Chief Warrant Officers

    2010 - Present

CW5 Pete Hewitt

2 December 1999 - 15 January 2004

CW5 Hewitt entered the Army in February 1973, upon completion of basic and AIT Training he was assigned to the 163rd Military Intelligence Battalion, Fort Hood, Texas as an Electronic Systems Specialist. CW5 Hewitt was appointed as a Warrant Officer in May of 1978 as a Nuclear Weapons Technician while stationed in Germany. CW5 Hewitt’s assignments as a Nuclear Weapons Tech included 70th Ordnance Company Turkey, 66th Engineer Company Fort Hood, 59th Ordnance Brigade Germany, Commander Nuclear Weapons Support Branch Redstone Arsenal AL, 3rd Ordnance Battalion Germany, and HQ SETAF Italy. CW5 Hewitt reclassified to Signal in April 1992 as a Communication Security Technician. Signal assignments included 112th Special Operations Signal Battalion (Airborne) Fort Bragg, Special Forces Command Fort Bragg, 1st Signal Brigade Korea, and HQ USASOC DCSIM Fort Bragg, and the Office Chief of Signal Fort Gordon.


In October 1998, CW5 Hewitt was assigned to the Office Chief of Signal as the Personnel Proponent Manager for all Signal Warrant Officers, active and reserve. He was responsible for coordinating Warrant Officer recruiting and all life cycle personnel management and related decisions. Significant accomplishments during this assignment included:


Development and approval by the DCSPER in 2002 of two new Signal Warrant Officer MOSs. MOS 254A, Signal Systems Support Technician, and MOS 255Z, Senior Signal Technician. MOS 254A’s primary mission is to provide Signal support (communications/automation) to non-Signal units and commands at all echelons. MOS 255Z as the capper MOS for all Signal MOSs at the grade of CW5. These positions are normally at the upper echelons of command and require maturity, broad professional military experience and a more global understanding of Signal-support organizations and operations.


Warrant Officer recruiting improvement. CW5 Hewitt’s efforts created a a dramatic increase in the number of applicants through recruiting initiatives that he put in place. Revised MOS prerequisites and an aggressive campaign identified new ways to get the message out to all Signal soldiers about Warrant Officer opportunities.


Development of a new Regimental position – the Regimental Chief Warrant Officer. This position was established to serve as adviser to the Chief of Signal on all Warrant Officer issues. This action was a step in recognizing the special nature and contributions of Warrant Officers who, as officer-technicians in a highly technical environment, have different requirements from officers and noncommissioned officers in terms of personnel management, training and professional development.


The Chief of Signal, MG Cuviello approved creation of the Regimental Chief Warrant Officer and appointed CW5 Hewitt to the position as the 1st Signal RCWO in a ceremony on December 2 1999. CW5 Hewitt retired from the Army in January 2004 while still in this position.


He is currently a senior systems analyst supporting the Missile Defense Agency at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama providing analytical expertise in organizational assessments activities and process development and implementation.


CW5 Hewitt’s significant awards include the Legion of Merit, 5 awards of the Meritorious Service Metal, Airborne Badge and the Bronze Order of Mercury.




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