Notable Signaleers


Master Trainer of Signal Soldiers for WWII Reuben Abramowitz

1926 - 1949

Reuben Abramowitz was a soldier, trainer, and educator who dedicated his life to the US Army Signal Corps. On his official military records he claimed as his sole occupation in life “professional soldier” with primary duties as a Radio Communications Specialist and later a Signal School Commandant. The outstanding Signal Corps performance during World War II can be directly attributed to the influential efforts of Reuben Abramowitz.


Abramowitz arrived at Ft. Monmouth in October 1926 where he began a career within a career as an instructor at the US Army Signal School, serving in the 15th Signal Service Regiment (the present 15th Signal Brigade) for over 15 years. As a member of the faculty, he taught thousands of soldiers the technical skills to be Signal operators during the inter-war period. In addition, he spent the summers between 1926 and 1938 teaching signal communications to cadets at the US Military Academy.


In 1942, the 47-year-old NCO was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, but quickly attained the rank of Major by May 1943. Abramowitz’ most extraordinary contribution to the Signal Corps came in July 1945 when he was directed to establish a European Theater Signal School at Ansbach, Germany. LTC Abramowitz established a Signal school that brought acclaim, respect, and honors from senior commanders for his untiring efforts for producing professional and tactically trained soldiers.


Abramowitz retired from the Army in 1949 after 35 years service.




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