Notable Signaleers


PFC Walter Donald Lee

Signal Corps 281st Pigeon Platoon - PFC Walter Donald Lee

World War II

Walter “Lefty” Donald Lee was born March 2, 1925. He was raised in Cumberland, Maryland, playing basketball and baseball throughout his school years. He entered the military immediately following high school. He went to basic training at Camp Lee, Virginia, followed by artillery training at Camp Hahn, California. When it was discovered he had a background as competitive pigeon owner and racer, he was called off of a training range and told he was being transferred to the 281st Signal Pigeon Company, Fort Jackson, SC to prepare for his service working with pigeons. Lefty Lee served in the Signal Corps as a member several units during WWII, as a Pigeon trainer and handler. He served in Hawaii, New Guinea, Luzon and Leyte. He was honorably released from the Army at Ft. Meade, Maryland.


After the war, Mr. Lee went to college and graduate school on the G.I. bill, and became a lifelong teacher and athletic coach. Never again did he own pigeons, but he mentored his nephew in raising and racing pigeons. He currently lives in Frederick, Maryland. He has endless wonderful stories, many hilarious, about his time and life at Ft. Jackson and during his service in the Pacific and with the Signal Corps.










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