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The 442nd  Signal Battalion provides world class professional leader development and cyber  education IOT produce signal leaders and cyber technicians with the competence,  confidence and agility to facilitate mission command and cyber operations at  the strategic, operational and tactical levels throughout the range of military  operations. 

We Train:

    • Signal  Basic Officer Leader Course (SBOLC)
    • Signal  Captains Career Course (SCCC)
    • SCCC –  Reserve Component
    • Brigade  & Battalion S6 Courses
    • Warrant  Officer Basic Courses (WOBC) - 255A  & 255N
    • Warrant  Officer Advanced Courses (WOAC) - 255A, 255N & 255S
    • Telecommunication  System Engineering Course (FA 24)
    • Information  Systems Manager Course (FA 53)
    • 25D - Cyber  Network Defender
    • 25E - Electromagnetic  Spectrum Management Course (ESM)
    • 25B – Senior  Leader Course & Advanced Leader Course
    • 25U –  Senior Leader Course & Advanced Leader Course 
    • Signal  Digital Master Gunner Course
    • Signal  Pre-Command Course (PCC)
    • CGSC  Satellite – Intermediate Level Education (ILE)
    • Joint C4 Planners Course (JC4PC)


The 442nd  Signal Battalion leverages Training Development, Training Execution and Team  Building in order to apply synergistic effects on the development and execution  of quality training and education to produce the next generation of Signal  Cyber Leaders who:

  • Embody the Warrior Ethos and the Army Values
  • Are confident in their ability to building and lead teams
  • Are tactically and technically competent in the environment of mission command systems withing a JIIM environment ISO Unified Land Operations
  • Have the mental agility to operate across the full range of military operations
  • Understand their critical role as lifelong learners and trainers across all training domains - Institutional, Operational and Self Development


Ready! Rapid! Reliable!               

Contact Information:

  • Battalion Secretrary: 706-791-2516
  • Staff Duty: 706-791-8220
  • Battalion FAX: 706-791-5336
  • Location: Building 21605

Additional Unit Infomation: