Army Communicator Volume Issue Numbers

Knowing how our volume and issue numbers break out may help you find an article you'd like to get a copy of, but at the very least those numbers are necessary for us to retrieve the article from our archives so we can photocopy and send it to you.

Volume and issue numbers are listed with an article's title and author(s) when we publish our yearly consolidated indexes. For example, an entry from annual index's title listings looks like this (the volume and issue number is at the end):

142d Signal Brigade paves path in first brigade multicomponent change of command; SSG David Carney; 25:3

As you'll see from the example, volume and issue numbers are represented thus: 24:1, for instance. This means the article is in Vol. 24, edition No. 1. The article from the above example was published in AC's 25th year of publication (represented by the volume number) and, further, in the third magazine in sequence (represented by the issue number) of that publication year.

Once an edition is retrieved from our archives, we would then search it for a particular article; that's why the volume and issue number is part of the needed information to provide us when you request an article from our archives.

Since AC is published quarterly, there are just four issue numbers per volume. If you're searching for an article in which you know the year it was published (match the year to the volume numbers provided below) and the approximate time of year the article was published, it may be helpful to your search to match the approximate time of year that you remember an article being published to our issue numbers.

Since inception, AC has been published by "seasons." Therefore, the sequence of editions for 1999 editions and earlier is No. 1, Winter edition; No. 2, Spring edition; No. 3, Summer edition; and No. 4, Fall edition. Beginning with 2000, the sequence of editions is No. 1, Spring edition (printed edition published in March); No. 2, Summer edition (printed edition published in June); No. 3, Fall edition (printed edition published in September); and No. 4, Winter edition (printed edition published in December).



Volume numbers matched to publication year

Vol. 1: 1976 Vol. 2: 1977 Vol. 3: 1978 Vol. 4: 1979 Vol. 5: 1980 Vol. 6: 1981
Vol. 7: 1982 Vol. 8: 1983 Vol. 9: 1984 Vol. 10: 1985 Vol. 11: 1986 Vol. 12: 1987
Vol. 13: 1988 Vol. 14: 1989 Vol. 15: 1990 Vol. 16: 1991 Vol. 17: 1992 Vol. 18: 1993
Vol. 19: 1994 Vol. 20: 1995 Vol. 21: 1996 Vol. 22: 1997 Vol. 23: 1998 Vol. 24: 1999
Vol. 25: 2000 Vol. 26: 2001 Vol. 27: 2002 Vol. 28: 2003 - -