Security Policy

ALL visitors to the Fort Gordon Experimentation Division Facility are required to have at least a SECRET security clearance. Visitor from Organizations with access to JPAS, your Security Manager must submit a visit request through the JPAS system.

-Make sure you list your point of contact (Who are you visiting?).

-Experimentation Division (CDID) SMO Code is: W0U5AA6E.

-All personnel signing in will be required to show a picture ID.

-NOTE: 2nd alphanumeric character of the SMO ID is a zero, not a capital “O”.

-Visitors without access to JPAS please Fax Visit Authorization Letter on company or departmental letterhead with dates of visit, reason for visit, social security number, and point of contact to (706) 791-3799; DSN: 780-3799, ATTN: Security Manager.

-Any questions contact Security Managers: Ms. Britt-Sherrell, (706) 791-8952 or Mr. Battle at (706) 791-8292.

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