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Army Communicator (AC) is the U.S. Army Signal Regiment's professional magazine. The magazine explores trends in the Regiment and provides a place for Signal Regiment members to share good ideas and lessons-learned with their colleagues.

AC, as the Signal Regiment's professional-development magazine, is supported by article contributions from Signal Regiment members; AC depends on noncommissioned officers, officers, warrant officers and Regimental civilian employees to contribute quality articles on topics of interest to the entire Regiment.


  • Back issues on-line -- centralized links for back issues of Army Communicator editions that are on-line (current edition is linked from homepage)
  • "Most requested" articles -- Archived articles most often requested from our back issues not on-line, plus some "editor's choices"
  • Dedicated Search -- find articles from all online editions of the Army Communicator.
  • Subscriptions -- procedure for obtaining a subscription to the printed edition; also change-of-address information
  • Writer's Guide -- editorial policies and guidelines for potential contributors of manuscripts to us

For discussion on topics, call (706) 791-7204 (DSN 780).

Mail manuscripts to:

Commander, USASC&FG ATTN: ATZH-POM (Army Communicator) Bldg 29808A (Signal Towers), Room 713 Fort Gordon, GA 30905