Advanced Individual Training


Battalion Mission
The 369th Signal Battalion transforms Soldiers into technically and tactically proficient Signal Warriors who are physically and mentally prepared to make an immediate positive impact to the Operational Army at their first unit of assignment; who know and live by the Soldier’s Creed, the Army Values, and understand the importance of teamwork

Training Philosophy

Ensure leaders are aggressively involved and present during training

Tailor training programs within the guidance and resources provided by higher headquarters

Develop effective long and short range training plans that are mission focused and correct training deficiencies

Continue developing and strengthening the skills, knowledge, and abilities to train, deploy and lead our Soldiers through battle focused training.

Conduct tough, realistic and safe training for all Soldiers and Civilians using the Eight Step Training Model

Plan and execute training events/activities using the Composite Risk Management Process to properly identify hazards and minimize risks

Build on leaders attributes by facilitating pride, proficiency, and confidence through our leader development program

Trained Military Occupational Specialties