Course Title: COMSEC Account Manager (CAM) Course
Course Number: 4C-F22/160-F23
Company: Charlie Company
College:Leader College for Network Operations (LCNO)
Division: Information Communications Telecommunications Defense (ICTD)
Status Change Date: June 2013
Training site: USASCoE&FG, Fort Gordon, GA
Length: 9 Days; 70 hours
Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
Prerequisites: None


To provide Active Army and Reserve Component personnel standardized instruction pertinent to safeguarding, accounting, and control of Communications Security (COMSEC) material. This course is also conducted by USAREUR (7th CATC, Vilseck, GE), EUSE (Yongsan, Korea), and; NGPEC (Professional Education Center) Little Rock AR.


Instruction in safeguarding and accounting for COMSEC materials; documenting reports; establishing, moving, and closing COMSEC accounts; threat and security awareness programs; COMSEC emergency procedures; COMSEC logistics; other duties required of COMSEC custodians and inspectors.


a. The COMSEC Account Manager (CAM) Course provides selected Soldiers and Army civilians to be managers of COMSEC accounts.

b. The course Program of Instruction (POI) is divided into modules. Each module is designed to include the skills and knowledge required to train Soldiers to perform specific tasks. Course modules requiring specific sequencing will be identified in Attachment 1, Graphic Display. The lessons contained in the modules should be taught in the order shown in the POI. Lesson plans outline management guidance and lesson content for the instructor’s use in the presentation of information and the development of skills used to perform a task, subtask or supporting skill. Practical exercises (PE) will be used with some lessons to emphasize and reinforce skills and knowledge gained in preceding lessons. After completion of modules B through K, an examination shall be administered to ensure learning took place. Examination will be designed to test the skills developed and the knowledge acquired during each module.

c. According to TR 350-70, paragraph VI-6-3e (5)5 b, techniques of delivery are considered user capabilities and may vary.

d. In accordance with TR 350-18, paragraph 3-6.a.2, all tasks in the course POI must be taught and proctored by qualified/certified instructors. In circumstances that preclude a task being taught to the published standards, an exception to policy letter must be obtained from the Course Manager, COMSEC Branch Chief, to the Director, Cyber Leader College prior to conducting the training. The training/TD (task) proponent must gain approval for an exception to policy for equipment non-availability before the start of scheduled training.



  • Module A: Administrative
  • Module B: Introduction to COMSEC (Phase 1 - 32 hrs)
  • Module C: Establishment Procedures (Phase 1 - 64 hrs)
  • Module D: COMSEC Accountability (Phase 1 - 64 hrs)
  • Module E: Emergency Planning (Phase 1 - 64 hrs)
  • Module F: COMSEC Reporting Procedures (Phase 1 - 64 hrs)
  • Module G: COMSEC Associated Equipment (Phase 1 - 32 hrs)
  • Module H: CAPSTONE (Phase 2 - 104 hrs)
  • Module I: Final Examination (Phase 2 - 72 hrs)


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