The International Military Student Office (IMSO) manages and excutes the coordinated training requirements for those foreign countries authorized to participate in the Security Cooperation Education and Training Program (SATP).

We Train:

B121285 4-11-C20 Signal Basic Officer Leader
B132462 621-25L10 Cable Systems Installer Maintainer
B137152 102-F40 Digital Com Satellite Subsystem (Phase I)
B137152 102-F40 Digital Com Satellite Subsystem (Phase II)
B137170 102-F104 SATCOM Strategic Terminals (USAF)
B137190 102-25S10 SATCOM System Maintainer Common Core
B137191 102-25S10 SATCOM System Maintainer (STRAT-1)
B137192 102-25S10 SATCOM System Maintainer (TACT 1)
B137193 102-25S10 SATCOM System Maintainer (STRAT-2)
B137194 102-25S10 SATCOM System Maintainer (TACT-2)
B137437 102-94D10 ATC Equipment Repairer
B137438 102-94L10 Avionic Communications Equip Repairer
B155428 7E-53A Information Systems Management (Phase I)
B155435 7E-53A Information Systems Management (Phase II)
B155450 531-25B10 Information Technology Specialist
B155470 UNNUMB Army Training & Education Development (ATED)
B171771 4-11-C22 Signal Captains Career
B171772 4C-F36X Signal Captains Career Prep-International
B179916 UNNUMB Instructor Training
B155460 531-25B30 Information Technology BNCOC
B170037 AS ASGD Special Formal Medical TNG
B175230 300-M6 Practical Nurse
B17983S UNNUMB PSYC/Mental Health Nurse
B132490 JC4PC Joint C4 Planners
B132553 BTN/S6 BTN/BGD S6 OFF (Australians Only)

Chief of IMSO:

Dr. Walter R. Andrae

Welcome to Augusta and Fort Gordon, Georgia, and to the United States of America. We are happy to have you enrolled as students at the U.S. Army Signal Center in Fort Gordon, Georgia. We hope your stay will be both educational and enjoyable.

I took forward to meeting and working with you. Once again, welcome to Fort Gordon.

Reporting Instructions:

International Military Students (IMS) should report as scheduled IAW the Invitational Travel Order (ITO) by the SAO. If student arrives before or after the date stated in the ITO, this can cause administrative and academic problems. Billeting reservations are made based on ITO arrival date, and many other in-procesing schedules are also made as well. Students arriving in the United States early for any other purpose than training becomes the responsibility of their government.

SCOs are NOT advised to schedule reporting dates during the period 20 December through 1 January, or on national holidays, unless specifically directed to do so.

International Military Students (IMS) travelling to Fort Gordon should arrive at the Augusta, Georgia Regional Airport (Bush Field/AGS). The IMSO will have a representative at the Augusta airport and provide ground transportation to Fort Gordon once travel itinerary is received. It is the responsibility of the SCO to notify IMSO of delays or make request for late arrival approval. If the student is not met, he/she should call IMSO at (706) 791-6020/9712 during duty hours for assistance. IMS arriving after duty hours should call the 442nd Signal Battalion, Staff Duty Officer (SDO) at 791-2516 for transportation to Griffith Hall, Building 250 at Fort Gordon, to obtain reserved quarters. Students should obtain a receipt for the cost of transportation if they take a taxi from the airport to Fort Gordon. The airport is approximately 15 miles from Fort Gordon.

Student should arrive with medical screening records, passport, airline ticket, Biography, and any authorized reimburseable receipts.



Fort Gordon DOES NOT have Family Housing for IMS on TDY status and will not provide non-availability statements for students to live off post. Therefore, family members are NOT encouraged to accompany IMS. IMS are housed in the Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) at Ring Hall.

BOQ facilities include a combination living/dining area with private bath and a small kitchen (small microwave and small refrigerator) for cooking. There is a charge of $72.00 (tax included) per day for BOQ at Ring Hall for that student who does not receive US living allowances.

Students residing in billeting on US living allowances, room charges will be paid directly to Defense Finance and Accounting (DFAS) each month. Student whose countries pay living allowances will be required to pay for their room a month in advance and afterward at the end of each month. Additionally, each student will be required to pay a $15.00 incidental charge if a credit card is not provided at check-in; however, it is only a hold and will be credited back after 3 days.

Billeting check-in is at Griffith Hall, located a quarter of a mile from Fort Gordon’s Gate 1.



Winters are short, cool and rainy. The temperature may vary between 0 and 20 degrees centigrade from late November through the end of March. Summers are hot and very humid. Students should bring clothing to match the season. Winters are cold enough to require warm jackets, gloves and hats, particularly in the evenings. Rain gear is appropriate all year round.



Fort Gordon is NOT a dependents encouraged location. There is NO family housing available on Fort Gordon for international military students who are accompanied by family members for training. NOTE: IMET FUNDED TRAINING - IAW “Travel and Living Allowances (TLA) Policy Guidance for Security Cooperation Training Programs P3 Policy #03-01, Para 3B(12), dated April 2003 (effective 1 Oct 03):

If bachelor government or contracted government quarters are available and dependents are not encouraged/authorized, but the IMS chooses to bring his dependents and resides off base/post, the Living Allowances Rate is: $0 (ZERO). In accordance with (IAW) with the DoD Policy Guidance, Para C(6), Fort Gordon is NOT listed as a training location that encourages IMS to bring their dependents. Ensure students for whom the USG pays a living allowance understand the impact of the above policy. Please note that "authorized" is NOT the same as "encouraged."



All IMSs (both officers and enlisted) may eat in the Army Dining Facilities at the basic meal charge. The daily charge to eat in a military dining facility is approximately $11.70 per day (breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner). Transportation is not available to dining facility and dining facility is approximately 1 mile away from billeting area. Students on IMET funding program will receive government meal rate (GMR) based DoD Regulation 5105.38. IMSs are advised that the Army dining facilities are not equipped to accommodate special requests for national foods.

Other Facilities: The Courtyard, next to Ring Hall, has cafeteria facilities, and The Post Exchange has a food court and there is also a Commissary located 1 mile from BOQ. There are also a variety of fast-food style restaurants on post, and microwaves are available in BOQ rooms.



The State of Georgia will honor a "valid" national or international driver’s license that is printed in English. The State of Georgia will not allow international students to use certified translations of their country’s driving license. It is recommended that all international students obtain an international drivers license prior to departure from the home country. For students owning POVs, they must obtain a state driver’s license. We recommend “POV NOT AUTHORIZED” statement.

Georgia requires evidence of adequate liability and property damage insurance issued by a U.S. insurance company before registering or operating an automobile in the State of Georgia. Operation of an automobile without proper insurance is a violation of Georgia law, which specifies immediate detention and a large fine, and may result in disciplinary action and loss of driving privileges. Insurance may be obtained at a cost of $300 to $600 for a 6-month period.


Physical Training Information:

Physical training is mandatory for all students attending the Signal Basic Officers Leader Course, The Signal Captains Career Course, and the Basic Nob-commission Officers Course.


Uniform Requirements:

The duty uniform is the equivalent of the US Battle Dress Uniform or fatigues. The IMS should bring at least three (3) sets of the duty uniform, plus a cold weather coat similar to our field jacket if in training between October and May. A poncho or raincoat would be beneficial, also.

Students should also bring their national equivalent of the class A uniform, similar to our Army green or Army blue uniform. Only one would be required. If the country does not have a dress-type uniform, then the student should report with a suit and tie for formal and/or semi-formal wear at events where U.S. students wear the Army green/Army blue uniforms. All SCCC students will be required to have both a class A uniform and coat and tie for the trip to Washington DC.

IMS in courses requiring physical training (SOBC, SCCC & BNCOC) should have a minimum of two (2) PT-type uniforms: shorts, T-shirts, running shoes & appropriate socks for cold weather; it is advisable to have sweatpants and sweatshirts.

For countries that do not issue PT uniforms, IMS may purchase some type of sports training clothing or US Army PT uniform for wear while attending specific courses – SOBC, SCCC & BNCOC.


Medical Services:

IMS Medical treatment is available at Connolly Clinic and the Eisenhower Army Medical Center, located on-post, according to the terms of the student ITO. Medical treatment for "authorized dependents" is also available, based on the provisions of the ITO. All IMS and dependents must comply with DSCA rules for health care coverage and ITOs must be specific in coverage requirements. Dependents receiving from Eisenhower will be billed directly to student. Dental care is provided only for the student (no dependents), and is limited to emergency treatment only.



Transportation to and from the classroom is the responsibility of the student. Public transportation is not generally available. Taxi service is available at Ft Gordon for a nominal fee. Ring Hall (BOQ) is located approximately one to two miles from the classrooms; the enlisted quarters are located within walking distance of most classrooms.


Student Mailing Address:

All correspondents should be advised to use the following address:

Box#_____, 442nd Signal BN
Fort Gordon, GA 30905-5902


Contact Information:

  • BN Commander: 706-791-2516
  • BN Command Sergeant Major: 706-791-2730
  • Staff Duty: 706-791-2516
  • Location: Building 21605
  • Address: 543 Barnes Avenue, Fort Gordon, Gerogia 30905

Additional Unit Infomation:

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