Course Title: Network Management Technician, Warrant Officer Advanced Course (WOAC)
Course Number: 4-11-C32-255N, Phase 1 thru 3
Company: Charlie Company
College:Leader College for Network Operations (LCNO)
Division: Information Dissemination Management Division (IDMD)
Status Change Date: November 2013
Training site: USASCoE&FG, Fort Gordon, GA
Length: 13 Weeks (Phase 1 – 272 hours, Phase 2 – 208 hours, Phase 3 – 216 hours)
Managed: Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS)
Prerequisites: None


To prepare qualified Warrant Officers in the Warrant Officer Designation of 255N, for the technically demanding assignments that require expertise in the engineering, installation, operation, and maintenance (EIOM) of robust voice and data networks as well as the troubleshooting of various long haul transmission systems providing reach back for their units and its customers.


This course provides instruction and practical exercises in advanced Network Routing, Switching, Troubleshooting, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Network Security, Policy and Procedures, Traffic shaping, Project Management, Network Management, Joint Operations and Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T). A capstone training event is conducted at academic course completion to evaluate student's ability to perform MOS skill level critical tasks in a field training environment.


a. This course is structured in phases, modules and lessons as provided.

  1. Narrative Description: The course structure graphic shows that this 3 phased course consists of multiple modules. Each module consists of lessons.
  2. The course is COTS intensive and reflects the most current information technology, communications equipment, software, hardware, ADP, and methods of data networking, security and information assurance management procedures currently employed within operational units
  3. Training sites. USASIGCoE&FG, Fort Gordon, GA.

b. A listing of all lessons by phases and modules.



  • Module A: Administrative
  • Module B: Advanced Networking Routing (Phase 1 - 112 hrs)
  • Module C: Advanced Network Switching (Phase 1 - 72 hrs)
  • Module D:Advanced Troubleshooting (Phase 1 - 88 hrs)
  • Module E:Directed Training (Phase 2 - 8 hrs)
  • Module F: VoIP (Phase 2 - 32 hrs)
  • Module G: Security Audit Systems (Phase 2 - 48 hrs)
  • Module H: Policy and Procedures (Phase 2 - 64 hrs))
  • Module I: Threat Brief (Phase 2 - 8 hrs)
  • Module J: Traffic Shaping (Phase 2 - 48 hrs)
  • Module K: Project Management (Phase 3 - 40 hrs)
  • Module L: Network Management (Phase 3 - 40 hrs)
  • Module M: Joint Operations (Phase 3 - 16 hrs)
  • Module N: WIN-T (Phase 3 - 80 hrs)
  • Module O: Capstone (Phase 3 - 40 hrs)
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