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Your orders will indicate when to report to. If early reporting is not authorized, do not report early. Active Duty and National Guard/Reserve Officers are not entitled to pay or benefits if not authorized to report early.

Upon arrival at Fort Gordon, report to Bravo Company, 442d Signal Battalion, Building 25701, 614 Barnes Avenue, during duty hours (Phone number 706-791-3757)

After duty hours, report to the staff duty at Battalion, Building 25604, 543 Barnes Avenue, main entrance, point of contact is at 706- 791-2516.

After reporting to B Company, 442d Signal Battalion, you will next report to Fort Gordon lodging at Griffith Hall, Building #250 for Lodging Assignments. Lastly, it is not mandatory, but very helpful for the lodging personnel and the inbound officer to call ahead to reserve a room (Phone number 706-791-3676).

  • Lodging: 706-791-3676
  • NOTE: You may be assigned off-post housing (HOTEL) upon arrival.

If authorized on your orders, reporting a few days early to the Course is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Housing assignment.
  • Finance. 
  • Vehicle and Personally Owned Weapons Registration.
  • I.D. Card (TRICARE and DEERS)--medical and dental coverage.


Arriving early will also allow you more time to acquaint yourself with Fort Gordon and the surrounding communities and to take care of any personal necessities, i.e. uniforms, unpacking, etc. The chain of command strongly encourages you to report no later than 0830 hours on your reporting day. Day 0 will be utilized for in-processing, so come early. This will facilitate your in-processing and allow you maximum time to prepare for Day One of your course. Report in ACUs. Be prepared to take an APFT and meet the height/weight standard on Day One of your course. If you will be late reporting, (plane delayed, automobile malfunction, etc.) notify the Company Training Room at 706-791-3757.


(NOTE: The Staff Duty Officer is available after duty hours, phone: 706-791-2516.

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1. Military orders issued by your commissioning source, DD Form 1610 or Format 400 (TDY orders). Bring 10 copies of each. You will need an additional copy each month to process TDY paperwork.

2. Initial orders of appointment as a commissioned officer (USMA, ROTC, OCS). If you are an OCS graduate, bring your honorable discharge certificate and all documents in your possession relating to enlisted service, including DD Form 214 (Statement of Service).

3. Health and medical records. If your source of commission indicates these documents must be mailed to Fort Gordon, ensure they are mailed prior to your departure to Ft. Gordon.

4. Copy of birth certificate of all dependent children if they ARE NOT enrolled in DEERS.

5. Copy of your marriage certificate if spouse is NOT enrolled in DEERS.

6. Have copy of rental, lease, or mortgage agreement so you can claim BAH for your home area during your TDY.

7. If married, AKO email address for your spouse. You may sponsor an AKO for your spouse through Army Knowledge Online.

8. Record of immunization.


10. Form SGLV 8286 (Service members’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate)

11. Enroll in Bravo Company, 442d Signal Battalion Unit University via LandWarNet e University (whiteboard) Enrollment instruction: Go to https://ia.signal.army.mil/ Click “Create A whiteboard Account” and follow the instructions. Once you have created your account login, you will be on the “My LandWarNet” tab, click the “LandWarNet Courses” tab, in the ‘Course Search Box” type in “B Co Unit University, 442nd Signal Battalion” and click “enroll” allow 24 hours for your enrollment to be verified and excepted. This site has a lot of information review it often for important information.

12. Personal Computer - The chain of command strongly encourages each student to bring a personal (desktop or laptop) computer to their courses. Most assignments must be completed after duty hours and require the use of a computer and printer. You may be issued a laptop computer at times during the course but this is for military purposes only and is subject to confiscation if unauthorized programs are added or improper material is viewed or accessed with the issued computer.

13. Personal Firearms – Students are strongly discouraged from bringing firearms to Fort Gordon. If you do bring your personal weapons they must be registered with the Fort Gordon, Provost Marshal on FG Form 9243-R-E and signed by the Company Commander.

14. Potential Motorcycle riders - Will be appropriately licensed and successfully complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundations course. (Turn in a copy of license and course certificate during in-processing)

15. Complete the mandatory Computer User Training at https://ia.signal.army.mil/. Bring a copy of your certificate with you to turn-in during in-processing. (Information Assurance Awareness Training, WNSF - Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Storage Media, WNSF - Phishing Awareness, WNSF - Safe Home Computing, Thumb Drive Awareness, Army G3 Computer Security Training, WNSF - Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Information Assurance.

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Company In-Processing Checklist: These steps do not need to happen prior to reporting, if early arrival is authorized.

Establish an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account at www.us.army.mil for you and your spouse. This will be the primary means of communication from the Army directly to you throughout your career.

Check into Government lodging. (Griffith Hall, Building 250)

Ten (10) copies of orders, including all amendments, Endorsements, DD 1610's, etc,… DA Form 31 (Leave form)

Ensure uniforms are squared away (bring several sets of ACU’s with gaining unit patches, ensure Greens, Blues or Army Service Uniforms (ASU) are in order.


BOLC B is an unaccompanied TDY duty tour. Married Soldiers do not receive additional funds. If your spouse accompanies you to BOLC B, your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) terminates on day 31 .

Married officers permanently assigned to Fort Gordon after BOLC B are authorized on-post family quarters. Should you choose to live off post, you must first contact the Housing Service Office (HSO) 706-791-9658/5116. The HSO will assist you in locating adequate civilian housing.

(NOTE) Students are NOT to enter into any lease agreements without prior approval from the Bravo Company Commander. Statements of non-availability will not be issued if quarters are available, regardless of family status.




Shipment of household goods and unaccompanied baggage is normally authorized from the Soldier's home of record or location upon entering active duty. Active duty lieutenants are authorized shipment of 600 pounds to Fort Gordon when attending BOLC B while in a TDY status. If assigned overseas after BOLC B, the 600 pound TDY allowance may be shipped to your overseas assignment as unaccompanied baggage. An unaccompanied baggage shipment may consist of clothes, electronic equipment, dishes, pot, pans, small appliances, professional documents, books, etc. It cannot contain furniture items.

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    1. U.S. Army students will wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACU).


    • a. Combat boots.
    • b. Patches worn on the left sleeve should be that of your unit of assignment. (BOLC B students assigned to the Bravo Company should wear Signal School patches.) Students who do not know their unit of assignment will wear the Signal School patch, which is available at the Fort Gordon Military Clothing Sales Store (MCSS).
    • c. Headgear will be the white beret with non-subdued rank insignia whenever in garrison. Patrol cap with sewn-on rank may be authorized for wear only in the field.


    2. In addition to the ACU, students should report with the following required uniforms:

    • a. You will need one Class "A" uniform, one set of Dress Blues or Army Service Uniform(ASU), (active duty officers are required to have a set of dress blues or the Army Service Uniform, AR 670-1, Appendix C), at least four battle Army Combat Uniform (ACU) for daily wear, two Army PT uniforms, and a reflective belt. The Class "A" uniform is suitable for most official student functions. However, Dress Blues or Army Service Uniform (ASU),will be worn during the class dining-out and graduation.
    • b. Field gear will be issued to you as part of your in processing. You must report with a proper military haircut.
    • Any of these clothing items can be purchase at the Military Clothing Sales Store (MCSS), Building #35203, Phone # 706-793-2315. (behind the Huddle House).

    3. Proper uniform will be worn at all times.

    4. Uniforms for International Officers are as prescribed by the appropriate liaison divisions.

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