Joint C4 Planners Course


Fort Gordon, Georgia


The Joint C4 Planners Course (JC4PC) mission is to educate C4 Planners in Doctrinal C4 concepts in the Joint, Interagency, and Coalition environments. While normal communications training programs focus on Service specific requirements, the Joint C4 Planners Course fills a capability gap by preparing mid-grade C4 Planners for the technical requirements of planning Joint net-centric operations in Joint, Coalition and Interagency environments. The course focuses on the technical aspects of Joint C4 planning associated with Strategic, Theater and Tactical level systems within the deliberate and crisis action planning (CAP) processes. The JC4PC is a four-week operational level course sponsored by the Joint Chief of Staff J6 and hosted at the U.S. Army Cyber Center of Excellence, Fort Gordon, GA.