The first step of understanding my leadership philosophy is to know who I am. I am a career Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, but there are so many other things in my life that better define me than my uniform and my rank. I am an avid adventurer who seeks out new experiences that enhance my life and pool of experience. I am a traveler who has seen the world and who loves living each moment to the fullest; an avid admirer and student of history. The uniform won’t hide my personality, and I don’t want for it to hide the feelings of those I lead either. I have a sense of humor and have no problems keeping the mood light however, I am focused and driven to accomplish the mission and expect those I lead to possess tenacity for accomplishment of the mission and a drive for professionalism. I am an intelligent individual and value intelligence in others, this is not to say that I believe or even aspire to believe that I know everything or even most things; I know that I can learn new things from the most obscure sources and I value input.

We are a disciplined, standards-based team committed to mission accomplishment, to standing by each other, and to truly living the Army Values and Warrior Ethos; we are professionals. I believe in and practice the team concept: We are in the Army an organization that is greater than ourselves with a commitment first and foremost to our Nation. This being said the Army is a team by definition and I am a true believer in the Army and our unit as a team sport where we succeed and fail together. We are members of a great profession: I am a huge advocate for the advancement of our values and ethics based profession and expect all those that I lead to live the Army Values, Warrior Ethos, NCO Creed and conduct themselves as professionals; I will do the same. I am a fair and impartial leader: I don’t make decisions on a whim; I take all things in consideration. I believe in the “Total Soldier Concept”; leaders must be fit, agile, open to input, decisive, responsible, and committed to the cause.

        Non-Commissioned Officers are standards bearers responsible for teaching, training, mentoring, and the enforcement of regulation, policy, and procedure. We are professionals and as such will advance the profession of arms through steadfast commitment to doing our jobs to the utmost of our abilities; I will give all that I have and expect the same. Leaders don’t cut corners and professionals are committed to their duties, the organization, and improving all that they encounter.