1. Read the Commandants Welcome Page.

2. Complete all forms in this Student Packet ALC/SLC, the new PreExecution Checklist and download your course's packing list here (ALC Packing List) or (SLC Packing List).

3. Complete the Pre-Execution Checklist and have it signed by your CDR (If someone other than your CDR signs the checklist, please provide the assumption of command orders).

4. Complete the Personal Data Sheet and bring it with you when you in process.

5. *TDY Enroute ONLY* Copy of SGLI and DD93 forms for both ALC and SLC students.

6. 10 Copies of Orders for School (DA Form 1610) - TDY enroute bring ALL orders.

7. DA Form 1059 - (ALC – WLC / SLC - ALC).

8. DA Form 31 - TDY enroute/TDY & return your unit is responsible for your DA 31.

9. Over 40 Physical - within 1 year if applicable (Periodic Health Assessment is acceptable in lieu of).

10. Current APFT (DA Form 705) - No more than 60 Days old / with Body Fat worksheet if applicable (Grader and NCOIC are different personnel).

11. Permanent Profile - must be valid within 5 years / signed by approving authority.

12. MMRB Results - if applicable and DA Form 3349 for P3 Profile - if applicable.

13. All in-processing will take place in ACUs/OCP.

14. In accordance with AR 350-1, Army Training
and Leader Development, 19 August 2014, Soldiers who are flagged for failure to pass the APFT or comply with Army body composition standards are not eligible for enrollment. Successful completion of the APFT and height and weight screening are mandatory for course graduation.

15. Soldiers should be enrolled in Army Career Tracker (ACT) and Structured Self Development (SSD).

16. Soldiers attending ALC must have completed SSD 2 or SLC must have completed SSD 3. Certificate of completion is required.

17. For those who ETS with no Military Service Obligation you must have six months retainability . For those ETSing who still have a Military Service Obligation you will be processed for school.

18. Provide a copy of your ERB.

19. Soldiers stationed on Fort Gordon are required to bring a copy of their Family Care Plan - if applicable.


Failure to provide required documentation within 72 hours after reporting will result in your dismissal from the CNCOA.