LTC Kathleen S.A. Cage

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Contact Information

Fort Gordon, GA, 30906
Tel: 706.791.5493
DSN: 780.791.5493
S1 (706) 791-4468/4384
S2 (706) 787-8198
S3 706) 791-4831
S4 (706) 791-2964
Chaplain (706) 791- 3959
Reenlist (706) 791-6329

LTC CageLTC Kathleen S.A. Cage was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is a graduate of Central Michigan University. LTC Cage is a former Military Intelligence Soldier and was commissioned through Officer Candidate School in 1998 where she was assigned to the Signal Corps. Upon completion of the Signal Officer Basic Course, she was assigned to the 72nd Signal Battalion where she served as a Platoon Leader/Executive Officer. She was subsequently assigned to the 44th Signal Battalion where she served as the Assistant to the Battalion S3 where she deployed to Kosovo as the assistant OIC Operations and completed her tour by serving as the S2 for the 7th Signal Brigade.

After attending the Signal Officer Captain’s Career Course, she was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division where she deployed serving as the Division Support Command S6. Upon redeployment, she served as the 123rd Signal Battalion’s Assistant S3 and Commander, A Co, 1-BTB. She subsequently deployed as the A Co Commander supporting the 1st Brigade Combat Team during the Iraqi Governance Campaign.

Upon redeployment, LTC Cage earned her MA from Columbia University, NYC and subsequently served as an instructor and Desk Chief for French, USMA. In 2011, upon completion of studies at the Ecole de Guerre (ILE Paris) she was assigned to the 39th Signal Battalion, Chièvres, Belgium as the S3 and Executive Officer.

LTC Cage most recently completed a tour with DISA in the Pentagon, serving as the Joint Communications Network Operations Division Chief for the National Command and Control Center.


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