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AER campaign kicks off
McKenna Gate signage reflects sacrifice
GRU hosts military appreciation game
Veterans Curation Program celebrates five years


1.  Q. Do I need to bring a complete Army Dress Uniform?
     A. Yes (ASU's or Class A's).
2.  Q. Do I need a rental car?
     A. The RNCOA will not authorize rental cars, your unit must authorize and pay for rental cars.
3.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in ALC?
     A. No, ALC has an adequate amount of barracks space, linen is available, however you may bring your 
        own linen.
4.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in SLC?
     A. Its possible that you will live in a hotel off-post until on post lodging is made available.
5.  Q. Do I need an over 40 physical if I'm over 40?
     A. Periodic Health Assessment is acceptable in lieu of.
6.  Q. Will I have transportation from the local airport?
     A. No, Taxis are available (ensure you use a Fort Gordon Taxi).
7.  Q. Do I need to complete SSD 2 prior to reporting to ALC?
     A. Yes, this is a course prerequisite.
10. Q. Are waivers allowed for the Army Height / Weight Standards?
      A. No, all students are required to meet the standards IAW AR 600-9. If you fail to meet AR 600-9  
      by the time of your graduation, you will receive a (Failed to Achieve Course Standards 1059).
11. Q. Where do I report? 
      A. During Duty Hours:
      ALC- BLDG 24410
      SLC - BLDG 24403 (Look for the building with the Senior Leaders Course sign in the front.)
      After duty hours ALC and SLC will report to BLDG# 24402 (The RNCOA HQs) at the corner of Lane   
      Ave and 25th St.
12. Q. What documents are required for ALC / SLC?
      A. Click on the "In-processing Info" link.
13. Q. Who is responsible for adding my DA 1059 to my OMPF?
      A. ALC / SLC will forward all 1059s to HRC. We highly advise that all Soldiers check to verify it was 
      accepted. If it was not, contact ALC/SLC for further guidance.

History History
  Camp Gordon, named for Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon, was activated for infantry and armor training during World War II. During the war, its 55,000 acres...
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Coming & Going Coming & Going
Arriving All personnel arriving at Fort Gordon as permanent party should report to the Soldier Service Center, Darling Hall, Building 33720, on the corner of Chamberlain Avenue and Kilbourne Street....
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Signal Units Signal Units
Support for the command and control of combined arms forces. Signal support includes Network Operations (information assurance, information dissemination...
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