Doctrine Division

US-Army-Signal-Corps-Insignia-smDoctrine DivisionUS-Army-Signal-Corps-Insignia-sm
Moran Hall, Rice Road, Bldg. 29803, Room 219
Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905
The Doctrine Division develops, writes, and updates Signal Center / CyberCOE doctrine for the Army. Analyzes the impact of combat development actions and field initiatives to determine the doctrine integration requirements. Manages the Doctrine Publication Program for the CYBERCOE. Conducts and participates in special studies and Joint working groups pertaining to doctrine. Interfaces as required with Signal Center community, TRADOC Center/Schools, MACOM, and other agencies to include Joint DOD services for tactical information, pertaining to Signal/Cyber Doctrine Publication Program and doctrine and tactics training. Develops policy and procedures as they relate to the integration and development of Joint doctrine. Ensures cohesion of Joint doctrine by coordinating with appropriate Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and other TRADOC centers and schools. Develops and writes doctrinal literature. Ensures constant coordination with agencies involved in authoring, reviewing, and producing doctrinal products. Maintains current development status on all proponent doctrinal products. Ensures approved concepts are included in appropriate doctrine and training products.
LTC Edie Fairbank
Commercial: (706) 791-8087
DSN 780-8087
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