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Signal Leader Quick Reference Training Guide (QRTG)

Signal Leader's Training Guide The purpose of the Signal Leader Quick Reference Guide is to provide a reference document that assists signal leaders in the development of unit training strategies that support the ARFORGEN cycle. To accomplish this task, Signal leaders must be able to creatively formulate a training plan that utilizes the Army's proven training strategy (outlined in FM7-0) while incorporating a variety of training tools and techniques.

Signal Leader Quick Reference Training Guide (.PDF)

Army Blended Learning Strategies (.PPT)

Signal Leader's Discussion

Army Training Network (ATN) is a one-stop-shop for all your training management needs. ATN will only be as good as our Army helps it become. We need YOUR help in offering products, ideas, articles and Feedback to make this the site Soldiers need. Send your ideas, etc. through one of the many options available on ATN.

The CATS homepage has numerous links to training materials which can assist unit training managers develop and conduct training. Providing training materials which reduce planning time remains our number one goal. CATS offer a "what right looks like" view of training for units.

Digital Training Management System (DTMS) is a web-based, Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software application tied to a relational database, customized IAW FMs 7-0 / 7-1. The DTMS Knowledge Base is optimized for use at Brigade and below, and provides the ability to plan, resource and manage unit and individual training at all levels.


FM 7-0 is the guide for Army training and training management. FM 7-0 addresses the fundamentals of training modular, expeditionary Army forces to conduct full spectrum operations--simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability or civil support operations--in an era of persistent conflict.

Signal Leader's STPs consist of several important manuals. The Soldier training publication (STP) identifies the individual military occupational specialty (MOS) and training requirements for Soldiers in various specialties. Leaders should use the STP to plan, conduct, and evaluate individual training in units.