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Our Mission
Manages the Signal Regiment's Doctrine and Training Literature Program, ensuring current and relevant Army Signal doctrine, training publications, and Fort Gordon Regulations are available to support the Cyber Center of Excellence, Signal training, and Signal operations Army-wide.

Click the buttons below to access our full page at LandWarNet, drafts of products under development or the Lessons and Best Practice site. If the product is marked "DRAFT" then it is not for implementation! CAC authentication may be required to access the draft. If the product is marked "Published" it may be implemented. Some published documents may require CAC authentication.

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FM 3-12 Army Cyberspace Operations v2     ATP 6-02.43 Techniques Signal Support to Theater Operations
ATP 6-02.45 Techniques Signal Support v2     ATP 6-02.53 Techniques for Tactical Radio Operations v2     ATP 6-02.54 Techniques for Satellite Communications v2     ATP 6-02.60 Techniques for WIN-T v2

ATP 6-02.70 Techniques for Spectrum Management Operations v2     ATP 6-02.71 Techniques for LandWarNet Network Operations v2     ATP 6-02.75 Techniques for COMSEC Operations v2