Warrant Officer

Warrant Officer Section

"Signal Corps WOs are adaptive technical experts, leaders, trainers, and advisors. Through progressive levels of expertise in assignments, training, and education, they plan, administer, manage, maintain, operate, integrate, and secure a myriad of voice and data tactical information systems to provide secure information services to all echelons in support of the full range of Army, Joint, combined, and coalition operations. Signal Corps WOs are integrators of emerging technologies, dynamic teachers, warfighters, and leaders of specialized teams of Soldiers. Throughout their career Signal Corps WOs should continue their self-development, to include the pursuit of a specialty related graduate degree and/or advanced industry certification programs. (DA PAM 600-3)"

Signal Warrant Officer MOS's
250N- Network Management Technician (will transform to 255N)
251A- Information Systems Technician (will transform to 255A)
254A- Signal Systems Support Technician (will transform to 255A)
255Z- Senior Signal Systems Technician

Revised MOS's:
255A- Information Services Technician
255N- Network Management Technician
255S- Information Protection Technician