Functional Area 26

Functional Area 26 - Information Network Engineering
FA26 officers plan, design, engineer, implement, operate and secure Army and DoD information networks and services. FA 26 provides the Army with a professional corps of skilled communications systems engineering officers able to lead highly technical Soldiers, Warrant Officers and civilians to manage complex information technology projects in support of unified land operations. FA 26 contains three Areas of Concentration (AOC): AOC 26A Network Systems Engineering (CPT-LTC), AOC 26B Information Systems Engineering (CPT-LTC) and AOC 26Z Information Network Engineering (COL).
Why Become an FA26FA26 AssignmentsFA26 Training
Demanding, Dynamic Career Field

• Challenging assignments at the tactical, operational and strategic levels
• The Army’s premier experts to manage enterprise information systems and services, and implement cybersecurity measures to protect information on the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN) in support of mission command.

Career Flexibility

• All FA26 positions are Key Development (KD)
• Assignment Diversity
• Broadening Opportunities (TWI/ACS)

Personal Benefits

• Highly marketable skills and certifications
• Leadership and technical skill development
• Up to 15 credits towards master's degree at universities such as Syracuse University.

All FA 26 positions are key developmental (KD) with opportunities at  all levels:

• Division
• Corps

• Regional Cyber Centers

• Joint, Multi-national
• Research and Development
• Professor (USMA, AFIT)

AOC 26A Network Systems Engineer Course (NSEC) and the AOC 26B Information Systems Engineer Course (ISEC) are 30 weeks long and are conducted at the Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon, GA.  

The courses consist of graduate-level education and cover topics ranging from IP networking to cybersecurity.

Completion of NSEC/ISEC provides up to 15 graduate credits accepted by Syracuse University, University of Maryland and University of Colorado.

ContactsEligibilityHow to Apply

AOC 26B Career Program Manager Office Chief of Signal (OCOS)
Commercial(706) 791-6305

AOC 26A Career Program Manager (OCOS)
Commercial(706) 791-8176

Guard/Reserve POC (OCOS)
Commercial (706) 791-8180

FA26 Assignments Officer (HRC)
Commercial(502) 613-6671 DSN(312)983-6671   

FA26 Proponent Office (CAC Required)
FA26 HRC Website (CAC Required)

• Must be 1LT/P or currently awaiting CPT promotion board results, CPT, CPT/P, or MAJ with less than 14 years AFCS
• Must be able to obtain & maintain a Top Secret (TS) Security Clearance
• Year group eligibility based on in/out call matrix in applicable MILPER message
26A applicants must have a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM)  degree or 
have a GRE quantitative score of 154 or greater
• 26B applicants are preferred to have a STEM degree but it is not required

Application information can be found on the HRC Officers Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP) website.    

Candidates must complete and submit the applications packet consisting of:   
    • DA Form 4187   
    • Memorandum for Record stating reason for request   
    • Transcripts   
    • Copy of IT certifications (if any)

Applicants will be evaluated based on their duty performance (foremost priority), academic background, relevant IT experience and IT certifications. Ideal candidates are highly motivated, proven leaders with an established performance record and strong STEM background and/or a passion and aptitude for technology.