SCR components

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SCR-40 Fixed Station, 3 kilowatt, "developed before 1907, obsolete since 1915"

SCR-41 Field Wireless Wagon, 1-kw quenched spark transmitter, crystal receiver, PE-27 power unit

SCR-42 Radiotelegraph Station, 1 kilowatt, 500-Hz Marconi set for Coast Artillery

SCR-43 A permanent Fixed Station radio installation comprising two 200 ft. structural-steel towers supporting a T-type antenna of 7 wires, each 280 feet long; the power equipment includes a 60 cycle, 20 horsepower induction motor driven by a gasoline engine at a speed of 1,700 rpm; the radio equipment includes a closed magnetic circuit, oil immersed transformer, a relay type key, a condenser consisting of 26 Leyden jars each of 0.002 mfd. capacity, an adjustable inductance, a spark gap and a receiving set similar to that in the field radio pack, but of a larger size.

SCR-44 Field Wireless Set, - obsolete in 1920 - A two way radio pack set; forerunner of the SCR-49.

SCR-45 Receiver, with Cohen crystal detector, National Electrical Supply Co.

SCR-46 Receiver, "Cohen Static-Coupled Receiving Set"

SCR-47 Field Radio ("wagon set"), in artillery caisson, 2 kw, range 75-800 miles.

SCR-48 Radiotelegraph, table-top, 1/4 kilowatt, like SCR-49 but with M-G set, for coast defense

SCR-49 Pack Set (BC-24), crystal receiver, 0.125-1.0 megahertz 1/4-kilowatt quenched gap transmitter, 0.73-1.0 Megahertz GN-8 hand generator

SCR-50 Radio on truck, 2-kilowatt spark xmtr, xtral or VT receiver, 0.15-0.50 Megahertz

SCR-51 Aircraft Transmitter, 500-W quenched-gap and 500-Hz win gen.

SCR-52 Aircraft Receiver, regenerative detector and one audio stage.

SCR-53 V-antenna for training, receiving & transmitting

SCR-54, 54A Receiver, Artillery-spotter (BC-14) (AR-4) Crystal detector; inductively coupled; turned primary and secondary; 150 ft. inverted L antenna; wave-length range, 200-600 meters.  Equipment type A-2 Antenna, type AN-1 (1) Bag, Type BG-1 (4) Bag, type BG-2 (1) Equipment, GD-1 (2) Guy, type GY-1 (6) Guy, type GY-2 (3) Hammer, type HM-1(1) Marker, type MR-1 (1)  Mast section, type MS-1 (2) Mast section, type MS-2 (8) Plate, type MP-1 (2) Plate, type MP-2 (2) Plate, type MP-3 (1) Reel, type RL-3 (4) Rope, type RP-10 (1) Stake, type GP-1 (6) Equipment type RC-1 Battery, type BA-4 (2) Contact Spring, type M-14 (3) Crystal, type DC-1 (4) Head set, type P-11 (2) Screw driver, type TL-2 (1) Set box, type BC-14 (1) Strap, type ST-5 (1) Wire, type W-20 (300 ft.) Handbook, radio pamphlet No.3.

SCR-55 Detector, One-tube (BC-19/DT-3) for SCR-54

SCR-56 Aircraft Training Transmitter, low-power R/B SCR-65

SCR-57, 57A First Aircraft Intercom (BC-10), for pilot and observer-gunner

SCR-58 Transmitter, sending unit of SCR-68

SCR-59, 59A Receiver (BC-12), receiving unit of SCR-68, U/W SCR-65 xmtr

SCR-60 Wavemeters, General Radio Co., total coverage ca. 0.15-6.0 Megahertz with A, B, C versions

SCR-61 Wave meter (BC-37), Western Electric Co. lab unit, 0.125-2.0 Megahertz

SCR-62 Observation-Balloon Radio (SCR-54 receiver plus SCR-73 xmtr)

SCR-63 Transmitter, Aircraft Radiotelegraph

SCR-64 Aircraft Transmitter, rotary gap powered by wind generator

SCR-65, 65A Aircraft Transmitter (BC-15, BC-15A), with quenched gap

SCR-66 Battery-Charging Set

SCR-67, 67A Ground Radiophone (BC-13A), receiver 500-1500, xmtr 0.67-1.2 Megahertz

SCR-68, 68A Aircraft Radiophone (BC-11), receiver 500-1600, xmtr 0.67-1.5 Megahertz

SCR-69 Aircraft CW Transmitter (BC-34), 0.20-0.50 Megahertz (one VT-12; first Signal Corp VT transmitter)

SCR-70 Receiver (BC-23), one-tube regenerative, 0.20-0.50 Megahertz

SCR-71 Ground-Return Telegraph Set (BC-16), French TPS (telegraphic par sol) type, for trench use

SCR-72, 72B Ground Telegraph Set (BC-17), SCR-71 with VT amp in receiver

SCR-73 Aircraft CW Transmitter (SCR-64) modified for 0.545-1.50 MEGAHERTZ)

SCR-74, 74A Ground Transmitter (BC-18, BC-18A ), unturned inductance

SCR-75 Aircraft Receiver-Interphone (BC-10, BC-20), 0.355-2.0 Megahertz

SCR-76, 76A Ground Telegraph (BC-21, BC-21A), combining SCR-71 and SCR-72

SCR-77 Radio Set, CW "short wave" (BC-38), VT-1 tubes

SCR-78* Tank Radiotelegraph Set (BC-39 and BC-40), 0.273-0.60 Megahertz. Transmitting and receiving for use in 6- ton tank wave length range 500 - 1,100meters;specially designed for a small antenna of about 65 micro-mfd.; capacitance ; transmitting circuit comprises four tubes, VT-2 inductively coupled for oscillation generation to the antenna circuit; receiving circuit comprises one tube, Type VT-1 used as detector and two as amplifiers; a tuning wave meter is furnished w/the set; the battery charging outfit used w/the set is furnished by the Tank Corps. Equipment, type A-7 Mast section, type MS-6 (3) Mast section, type MS-7 (3) Equipment, type PE 22 Battery, type BB-17 (12) Box, type BC-25 (1) Dynamotor, type DM-1 (1) Equipment, type RE-6A Band, type FT-11 Battery, type BA-2 (4) Battery, type BA-4 (3) Box, type BC-33 (1) Cloth, emory, 5 sheets Cord, type CD-41 (2) Cord, type CD-42 (3) Cord, type CD-44 (2) Cord, type CD-45 (2) Cord, type CD-46 (42) Cord, type CD-51 (3) Cord, type CD-52 (3) Fixture, type FT-10 (1) Head set, type P-11 (2) Key, type J-12 (2) Lamp, type LM-4 (4) Lamp, type LM-5 (4) Pad, type M-9 (6) Pliers, type TL-19 (1) Rain Shield, type M-10 (4) Screw and Washer (6) Screw eye (4) Screwdriver, type TL-21 Set box, BC-39 (1) Set box, BC-40 (1)

SCR-79 Radiotelegraph Set (BC-32), 0.273-0.60 Megahertz, 4 tubes

SCR-80 Aircraft Radiotelegraph Set (BC-52), 0.40-0.55 Megahertz; three VT-1, one VT-4

SCR-81 Triode Tube Tester (BC-41A); tests VT-1 as modulated RF osc.

SCR-82 Battery Charger, 25 & 115 V, 2 kilowatt M-G set, Dyneto Electric Co.

SCR-82B SCR-82 modified for 50 V, 2 kilowatt

SCR-83 Direction Finder (BC-42), 0.375-1.0 Megahertz, 6-ft folding loop ant.

SCR-84 Radio Compass, for Handley-Page aircraft

SCR-85 Radiotelegraph Set

SCR-86 Aircraft Radio Maintenance Set

SCR-87 Decremeter, to measure bandwidth of spark transmitters

SRC-89 Aircraft Interphone

SCR-88 Mobile Radio-repair Set

SCR-89 Interphone Set

SCR-90 Aircraft Radiotelephone

SCR-91 Aircraft Radiotelephone

SCR-92 Aircraft Transmitter

SCR-93 Aircraft Radiotelephone

SCR-94 Transmitting-Tube Tester

SCR-95 Wave meter (BC-40)

SCR-96 Radiotelegraph Set

SCR-97 Truck Radio (SE-1420 receiver, 0.038-1.5 Megahertz; transmitter 0.1-0-3 Megahertz), six pliotrans

SCR-98 Receiver

SCR-99 Radiotelegraph Set (BC-45, BC-49), 0.16-0.33 Megahertz

SCR-100 Aircraft Transmitter (SCR-64 powered by M-G) (too late for WWI)

SCR-101 Radiotelegraph

SCR-102 Radiotelegraph

SCR-103 Radiotelegraph

SCR-104 Aircraft Interphone

SCR-105 Radiotelegraph Set (BC-53)

SCR-107 Ground Telegraph

SCR-108 Radio Set, truck-mounted

SCR-109 Ground Radiotelephone, like SCR-67, limited production

SCR-110* Battery Charger, 50 V, 1.5 kilowatt; M-G set from J.L. Yarian Co.

SCR-111 Wave meter

SCR-112 Radio Set (BC-47), 500-Hz spark transmitter; loop antenna

SCR-113 Aircraft Transmitter (SCR-64 powered by M-G) (too late for WWI)

SCR-114 Aircraft Radio (BC-114), like SCR-68 but less interphone

SCR-115 Aircraft Receiver (BC-12), like SCR-59A but less interphone

SCR-116 Aircraft Radio (BC-11A), like SCR-68A but less interphone

SCR-117 Aircraft Receiver

SCR-118 RF Wire Telegraph Set, used 18-, 23-, 27-, 43-kHz tones; VT-3

SCR-119 Aircraft Direction-finding Receiver

SCR-120 Battery Changer, 125 V, 5 kilowatt M-G set

SCR-121 Audio Amplifier (BC-44A), two-stage

SCR-121A Amplifier (BC-69), like BC-121, with 5-ft loop

SCR-123 Battery-Changing Set

SCR-124 Wave meter, National Electrical Supply Co.

SCR-125 Wave meter

SCR-126 Radiotelephone Set, VT-2 and VT-3 tubes

SCR-127* Radiotelegraph Pack Set RE-21 (BC-7), 4 VT-2 & 4 VT-3 tubes

SCR-128 Wave meter

SCR-129 Aircraft Radio Compass, like SCR-84, 0.285-0.30 megahertz

SCR-130 Pack Radio Set, like SCR-127

SCR-131 Field Receiver-Transmitter (BC-148), 4-4.36 Megahertz (orig. 0.545-1.75), powered by dry batteries and GN-35 hand generator; LP-7 loop antenna for sending and receiving; TM 11-237

SCR-132 Radio Set, CW-1M, receive 0.25-0.545 Megahertz, send 0.16-0.355 Megahertz; TM 11-233

SCR-133 Radio, Plane-to-Plane (BC-129), receive 0.25-1.75 Megahertz, send 0.86-2.0 Megahertz; ca 1925

SCR-134 Scout & Bomber Radio (BC-114), CW-AM, receive 0.25-2.0 Megahertz send 0.25-0.355 Megahertz; TM 11-201

SCR-135 Scout & Bomber Radio (BC-114), variant of SCR-134

SCR-136 Radio Set, CW-AM, for artillery fire control; also used with SCR-134; receive 0.25-1.75 Megahertz, SEND 0.33-0.86 Megahertz; TM 11-230, 1926

SCR-137 Wave meter

SCR-138 Wave meter

SCR-140 Transmitter, medium frequency, high power

SCR-144 Amplifier

SCR-145 Amplifier

SCR-146 Heterodyne Set

SCR-147 Amplifier

SCR-148 Amplifier

SCR-149 Amplifier

SCR-151 Radio Set

SCR-152 Radio Set

SCR-153 Radio Set

SCR-154 Radio Set

SCR-155 Aircraft Interphone, ca. 1925

SCR-158 Interphone Set

SCR-159 Radio Set

SCR-160 Aircraft Interphone, U/W SCR-134, ca. 1925

SCR-161 Field Receiver-transmitter (BC-151) for artillery nets, 4.37-5.1 Megahertz version of SCR-131; TM 11-237

SCR-162 Radio Set, for coast artillery, ship and shore

SCR-163A Radio, for tank & cavalry use, 2.3-2.7 Megahertz, PE-40 power unit;TM 11-236, 1940

SCR-167 Interphone Set

SCR-168 Interphone Set

SCR-169 Battery Charger PE-HH-43; TM 11-302, 1945

SCR-170 DF Receiver, 1.7-3-3 Megahertz regen, five 864s, U/W BC-164

SCR-171 Field Radio Set (BC-156), 2-3 Megahertz; powered like SCR-131 but uses wire antenna and counterpoise; TM 11-234

SCR-172 Radio Set

SCR-173 DF receiver (BC-164), used three tuners

SCR-174 Radio Set

SCR-175 Radio Set

SCR-176 Radio Set

SCR-177A Transmitter BC-191, 75W, 0-4-1.0 & & 1.5-2.5 Megahertz; BC-189 receiver. Also see RC-47

SCR-177B* Same transmitter, but with BC-312 & BC-314 receivers; TM 11-232, 1941. Ground transportable AM frequency. range for xmtr 400-800kc; 1500-1800kc for radio receiver (BC-314). 150-1500 kc for receiver BC-312 MO control; rated power output of xmtr 75 w. Power unit PE-49-C is 365 w @14.4 v DC rec 4.2 ampat 12v DC. 'use crowfoot ant 0.4 mc and 1/4 wave inverted L w/ counterpoise for 1.5 -4.5 mc. TM 11-232.

SCR-178 Field Radio Set (BC-186 receiver, BC-187 transmitter, BC-188 screen modulator), 2.4-3.7 Megahertz, powered by dry batteries and LV-HV generator; TM 11-231

SCR-179 Cavalry saddle version of SCR-178 (same Bc's); TM 11-231

SCR-180 Radio Set, BC-189

SCR-*-183 Aircraft Radio, 14-V command set, (BV-192, 199, 229, -230); receive 0.2-0.4 and 2.5-7.7 Megahertz; send 2.5-7.7 Megahertz, 3.5 W CW, designed by Aircraft Radio Corp and made by WE Co., Stromberg-Carlson, and Philico; TM 11-200, 1932 (SCR-AS-183 is in AN 8-10-158, 1943.) Also see SCR-283.

SCR-*-185 Radio Set, 1-12 Megahertz (BC-191, BC-219)

SCR-*-186 Radio Compass Unit

SCR-*-187 Aircraft Radio, 14-V liaison set (BC-224 receiver, 1.5-18MHz BC-191 transmitter, 1-12 Megahertz; CW, 75 Watts)

SCR-*-188 Ground Base (BC-191 transmitter, 1-12 Megahertz; BC-189 receiver); TM 11-233, 1942. Also see RC-47. Ground Transportable uses for gnd to gnd or gnd to air com. intended for semi-fixed uses where commercial AC is available. AM; frequency range xmtr 1.2-12.5 mc. Rec1.5-18.0 mc; CW tone, voice; transmission range CW 100 miles, tone 70 miles, voice 30 miles. Xmter rated output 75 w (less at Frequency above 8.0

MO Xmtr uses 115v or 230v 60 cyc or 200 watts , 12 v DC and 350 w 1000 v From rect; rec uses 85 w 115 v, 60 cyc. Set can be remotely controlled over 5 miles of wire W-110-B uses 1/4 or 3/4 wave inverted; L ant w/ counterpoise. TM 11-233

SCR-188A SCR-188, but with BC-312, BC-314 rcvrs & RC-47 remote control

SCR-189 Radio Set; TM 11-270, 1940

SCR-192 Transmitter (BC-192); TM 11-200, 1932

SCR-193* Vehicular Transmitter-Receiver, 12-V (BC-191 and BC-189 or BC-312, 15' whip); TM 11-273, 1941. Also see RC-47. Basic 12v unit; vehicular; for com between stationary or moving units. AM; freq range xmtr 1.5-6.2 mc, rec 1.5-18.0 mc; CW, tone or voice transmission range; stationary, CW 60 miles, tone 40 miles voice 20 miles,; moving, CW 30 miles, tone 20 miles, voice 15 miles. Xmtr rated out put 75 w. MO control Power source vehicular 12v battery; dynamoter integral w/ unit; Power requirements for xmtr 57 amp @14.2 v vehicular batt gen, rec 4.2 amp @12v DC. uses 15 ft whip antenna or 22 1/2 ft wire in semi fixed location TM 11-273

SCR-194 Radio Set (BC-222), 27-65 Mhz, first "walkie-talkie," TM 11-238. Also see RC-63.

SCR-195 Radio Set (BC-322), 53-66 Mhz version of SCR-194.

SCR-196 Frequency Meter

SCR-197* Mobile HF Station (BC-325 transmitter, 1.5-18 Mhz, 400 W; receivers: three BC-342, one Hallicrafters "Sky Champion," one BC-325; BC-119 control box; in truck-trailer combination; 45' vertical for sending, 15' whip for receiving; R/B SCR-399; TM 11-241, -805.Also see RC-47

SCR-199 Radio Set

SCR-200 Radio Set, receiver 1.5-18 Mhz, transmitter 2.2-2.6 Mhz

SCR-202 Radio Set

SCR-203 Radio Set, mule-pack, 2.1-3.1 Mhz CW-MCW-AM, 7.5 W; TM 11-239, 1941. R/B SCR-245. Pack, low power portable command set deigned to clamp on a phillips Pack Saddle. for animal pack transportation and operation. AM; freq range xmtr 2.2-3.06 mc, rec 2.1-3.1 mc. transmission range; stationary CW 30 miles, tone 20 miles, voice 5 miles. Moving CW 10 miles, tone 6 miles, voice 3 miles. Rated xmtr power output 8.5 w on CW, 7.5 w on tone or voice. MO(bias); rec power supplied by Generator (hand) GN-35 and battery BA-2 (plate) . rec power supplied by 4 battery BA-23 (filament), 4 battery BA-2(plate), and 1 Battery BA-27 (bias). uses 25 ft whip antenna.TM 11-239 Replaced by SCR-245

SCR-204 Pack Radio Set, receive 2.1-2.1 Mhz, send 2.2-3.06 Mhz

SCR-206* Receiver, portable, transmitter-locator, 0.2-18 Mhz; TM 11-240 Direction finding, receiving only; freq 200-18,000 kc. In addition, provides for conversation by telephone wires to another similar radio set for purposes of coordination when position by triangulation from which radio waves originate. such telephone comm does not include ringing feature.

SCR-209* Armored-Vehicle Radio (BC-189 or BC-312 receiver, 1.5-18 megahertz transmitter 2.2-2.6 Megahertz, 8 W, 15' whip); R/B SCR-508, SCR-528

SCR-210* Vehicular Receiver (BC-189 or BC-312 and 15' whip; TM 11-72, 1942

SCR-211* Frequency Meter (BC-221-*); TM 11-300, 1943

SCR-213 Radio Set

SCR-233 Radio Set, air-ground liaison

SCR-237 Transmitter, ten-crystal channel version of SCR-188

SCR-238 Radio Set (BC-307 transmitter, BC-224 receiver)

SCR-240 Aircraft Radio, command set, Westinghouse (BC-225, BC-338); apparently not made in quantity; R/B SCR-274N

SCR-241* Instrument Landing Navigational Aid (BC-302, BC-303 and BC-902); AN 08-10-142, 1943

SCR-242* Radio-Compass Receiver (BC-310), LF-MF, 14 V; AN 08-10-27, 194-

SCR-243 Receiver, Monitoring (BC-197), 0.10-20 Megahertz

SCR-244* Receiver, like SCR-243 (BC-779, BC-794, or BC-1004); Receiving only; CW, tone, voice; frequency range 540 kc-20 mc; normally operates from 105/125 v 50/60 cyc AC; average power consumed 180 w; will also operate from a storage batt for heater power and "B" batt for the plate and "C" bias voltages; has 600 ohm and 8000 ohm output plugs TM 11-866

SCR-245* Mobile Radio (BC-223 transmitter, BC-312 receiver, PE-125 vibrapack, 15' whip); R/B SCR-508, SCR-528; Dynamoter Unit PE-55 loud speakers LS-3 and when used in scout cars (T-7),(Cordoning equipment CB-15 TM 11-272, 1942

SCR-246 Radio-Compass Receiver, DF, LF, 12 volt

SCR-248 Radio Set

SCR-249 Radio Set

SCR-250 Radio Set

SCR-251 Blind-landing navigational system

SCR-253 Radio Set

SCR-254 Radio Set

SCR-255 DF receiver (BC-903, BC-904); Direction Finding Semi portable; gnd station; freq range 550 kc-30 mc. Operates as an aural null DF employing a rotating Adcock ant system Radio Transmitter BC-904-A as a target xmtr tower is completely enclosed by detachable panels that provide a weather proof shelter. Power is supplied by two 6v storage batteries in parallel. TM 11-861

SCR-257 Radio Set

SCR-258 Receiver, Radiosonde. See SCR-658.

SCR-259 Aircraft Liaison Radio (brief usage)

SCR-260* Radio Set (BC-348 receiver, BC-349 transmitter)

SCR-261* 28-V version of SCR-240 (BC-352 receiver, BC-353 transmitter)

SCR-262 Radio Set

SCR-263 Aircraft Liaison Radio (brief usage)

SCR-264 Aircraft Radio, 100-130 megahertz (VHF version SCR-274N), R/B SCR-522

SCR-268* Radar, first Army set, 205-Mhz searchlight director (BC-406, BC-407, BC-409, BC-412, BC-423, BC-435 to BC-438, BC-670 to BC-672, BC-968, BC-1068, BC-1070, BC-1161); tested with RC-68; TM 11-1306, -1506. Also see RC-148. Finds and tracks aerial targets by means of a radio echo. It determines the azimuth, angular elevation and altitude of the target and it transmits this information to a searchlight or a gun director. The functioning of unit remains unimpaired even though t a plane may be hidden by smoke or clouds or darkness. It is designed to search for aerial targets as far as 40,000 yd. Away. It supplies a continuous flow of data which locate aircraft positively w/ reference to the detecting unit. These data, covering azimuth, angular elevation, and altitude, are instantly available in usable form. The ability of Radio Set SCR-268 to locate aircraft depends upon the functioning of three separate ant systems each w/ directional characteristics.

By a simple mechanical system the arrays may be pointed as one unit in any desired direction. Simultaneously a powerful beam of high frequency energy from of these ant traverse back and  forth over a given section of sky. Aerial targets in the field of the beam will reflect or reradiate portion of the energy back to the unit. Here, reception of the reflected signal or echo by the two remaining direction-finding ant arrays will permit further adjustment of the beam, and a close determination of the azimuth and angular elevation of the target. In addition, the time taken by a radio pulse to travel from the unit to the target and back is determined by electrical means providing in this manner a measure of the distance traveled by the pulse. This time interval is then converted by mechanical means into the slant range of the target. A mechanical computer, in turn from the slant range and angular elevation data, determines the altitude of the target.

SCR-269* Aircraft Radio Compass, 12-V, 0.20-1.75 megahertz (BC-433 receiver, BC-434 control box, PL-21 antenna, I-81 and I-82 indicators)

SCR-270* Radar, second Army set, 105 Megahertz air search, mobile, 100 kilowatts peak (BC-402 to BC-405, BC-424, BC-439, BC-758 to BC-760, BC-780, BC-785, BC-968, BC-986, BC-988, BC-1070, BC-1232, BC-1239, BC-1270, BC-1310; RD-4, RA-60 rectifier, PE-74, -138, -139 power units); TM 11-1510, -1570. Also see RC-148, -150.

SCR-271* Fixed version of SCR-270, same BC numbers, used for long range air craft detection used for air defense of U.S. coasts; TM 11-1100 (1942), -1310, -1370, -1410, -1510. Also see RC-150. operation frequency 104-112mc. pulse recurrence frequency 104-112 and 621 cps. It comprises an operation building which houses all the components, and 100 ft tower (TR- A)upon which is mounted the rotating array, ANTENNA AN-46. operates on 120/208 v 3 ph 4 wire, 60 cyc AC w/ peak power out put of approx 50 kw. SCR-272 Radio Set

SCR-273 Radio Compass (BC-413)

SCR-274 N Command Set, famous aircraft set of one to three receivers (BC-453, BC-454, BC-455, BC-942, and/or BC-946) and up to four transmitters (BC-457, BC-458, BC-459, BC-696, BC-946, BC-950, and/or BC-961), BC-456 modulator, BC-442 antenna relay control box (BC-450, BC-451, BC-461, BC-473, BC-496, OR BC-938); BC-608 timer, I-155 A test set for VHF xmtr; designed by Aircraft Radio Corp. and made by WE Co., Colonial Radio, et al; based on Navy ARA/ATA system, hence "274N"; predecessor of Navy AN/ARC-5 equipment; AN 08-10-50, 1943. Tested with IE-65, RC-54, and RC-55.

SCR-276 Radio Compass, 28-V version of SCR-246 (BC-383)

SCR-277* Transmitter, radio-range nav aid, 0.20-0.40 Megahertz (BC-467, BC-468) Mobile; trailer mounted loop type radio range homing equipment for broadcasting tone tg identification signals to aircraft fitted w/std command sets but without radio compass. frequency range 200-400 kc for transmission, 1,500- 18,000 kc for reception.

SCR-278 Radio Set

SCR-279 Radio-Compass Receiver, 14-V version of SCR-269

SCR-280 Radio Compass (BC-431)

SCR-281* Transmitter-Receiver, for harbor vessels, 1.7-2.25 megahertz (BC-441, BC-619); TM 11-244, 1945. Marine radio tp transmission and receiving for use on coastal and harbor or in land stations. operates on 4 xtal controlled frequency in the 1,700-2,750 kc band; output 25 w to ant. Power from 115 v. 60 cyc AC source. Uses but does not include single wire ant.

SCR-282* Radio Compass, 28-V version of SCR-242, AN 08-10-27, 1940

SCR-*-283 Aircraft Radio, 28-V version of SCR-183 (BC-398 control box, SCR-399 or BC-408 ant. relay, BC-429 receiver, BC-430 transmitter); TM 11-200

SCR-284* Radio Set, Crosley, 3.8-5.8 Megahertz, 25 watt CW, 12 W AM (BC-654, GN-45A hand generator, PE-103 dynamotor, PE-104 vibrapack), R/B SCR-694; TM 11-275. Also see RC-289, -290 and -302.microphone T-17 microphone t-45 Basic unit. Gnd;; vehicular pack; transportable AM; frequency range

SCR-285 Radio Set, like SCR-284 (brief use)

SCR-286 Radio Set

SCR-287* Aircraft Radio (BC-348 and BC-375), 28-V version of SCR-187

SCR-288 Receiver-Transmitter, RCA, 2.3-6.5 Megahertz (BC-474, batteries, GN-44A hand generator), R/B SCR-284 TM 11-250, 1942

SCR-289 Radar Set, improved SCR-270, SCR-271

SCR-290 Radio Set

SCR-291 Receiver, DF, 2-10 Megahertz with CRT display, made by FTR Co.; TM 11-243, 1950. Also see RC-223. Radio direction finder for the location of friendly aircraft of the pursuit or interception type. A light weight portable set including com facilities for radio and wire. 4000-8000 kc. Range 150 miles.

SCR-292 Receiver (BC-1004); TM 11-866, 1944

SCR-293* Transmitter-receiver, first FM set for Armor, 20-28 Megahertz, 25 W (BC-499 and BC-500), R/B by SCR-508, SCR-528