RC radio components

RC-17 Sound Recorder
RC-18*       Recording Equipment
RC-19        Microphone Amplifier (BC-216)
RC-20        Marker-Beacon System (BC301,-400)
RC-21        Interphone Equipment
RC-23         Intra-Aircraft Communications Equipment
RC-24     Radio Altimeter forerunner of AN/ARN-1 and AN/APN-1
RC-25         Monitoring Equipment P/O SCR-641 (BC-354,355,356)
RC-26        Interphone Equipment; TO08-10-1938
RC-27        Interphone Equipment (BC 212B); TO 08-10-13-1938                       
RC-29              Obstacle Detection (radar?) Equipment
RC-32        Range Filter 1020Hz pass or reject for HS-23 headset                   
RC-33       Marker Beacon 
RC-34        Interphone Equipment (BC-334 -335 -347);AN 08-10-248,1943              
RC-35        Interphone Equipment (BC-327, -334, -347);AN 08-10-248,1943            
RC-36*       Interphone Equipment for Aircraft (BC-347, -366);TO08-10-33            
RC-37        Interphone Equipment
RC-38        Interphone Equipment for M2A3 light Tank(BC-367/-667, -368, -369, -370); TM 11-715,1942
RC-39         Marker Beacon Receiver (BC-341);TO 08-10-29 -59 -87,1942              
RC-40         Maintenance Set                                                        
RC-41         Interphone Equipment                                                   
RC-42         Maintenance Set
RC-43         Marker-Beacon Receiver (BC-357); TO 08-10-29, -87,1942                 
RC-44         Interphone equipment                                                   
RC-45      Interphone for aircraft; TO 08-10-31,1940        
RC-46        Marker Beacon                                                          
RC-47* Remote control for SCR-177, -188, -193, -197 (RM-12, -13);TM -11-702, TO 08-10-40,1943 
RC-49         Control Equipment                                                      
RC-50        Maintenance Equipment                                                  
RC-51          Interphone Equipment (BC347); AN 08-10-248,1943
RC-52*       Transmitter, 1.5-7.0MHz, two crystal channels,50W for air raid warning service                                                        
RC-53        Interphone for M3 tank (BC-367, -378, -379, -422, -448, -449, -678); TM11-700,1943 1942                                                    
RC-54       Test set for SCR-274N Receivers, three Voltmeters and two ammeters; TO08-10-50,1943 1943                                              
RC-55          like RC-54 for SCR-274N Transmitters                                   
RC-56          Airborne Target Control Transmitter (BC-463, -1204) TO 08-10-182, 1943   
RC-57          Airborne Target Control Receiver (BC-464)                              
RC-58          Tape Facsimile Equipment (BC-908, -918, etc.)
RC-59          Power Supply Inverter                                               
RC-60          Interphone Equipment                                     
RC-61          Interphone for M3 Tank (BC-367, -369, -370, -379,-422);TM11-705, 1942  
RC-62          Portable Speech Scrambler, for wire or radio                           
RC-63          Antenna for SCR-194, -195, -and 609 radios, TM11-2616, 1944            
RC-64*         Airborne Target Control Receiver (BC-491, -617) AN 08 10-229             
RC-65*         Airborne target transmitter (BC-493); AN0840-RC65-2                    
RC-66          Remote Control Equipment (BC-367                                       
RC-67          Antenna Equipment
RC-68          Test Equipment for SCR-268 Radar (BC-671); TM11-1053, 1944             
RC-69          Target Transmitter                                                     
RC-70          Test Equipment                                                         
RC-71          Air Raid Warning Equipment                                             
RC-72          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-73          Interphone Equipment (BC-709); TO 08-10,103, 1942
RC-75          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-76          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-77          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-78          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-79          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-80          Monitoring equipment
RC-81          Vertical Dipole Antenna for RC-256 Receiver,100-156 Mhz, 1943          
RC-82          Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-83          Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-84          Radio Set Equipment                                                    
RC-85          Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-86          Radio Receiving Equipment                                              
RC-87          Message Pick-up Equipment
RC-88          Message Pick-up Equipment                                              
RC-89          Power Supply inverter; TO 08-10-115, 1942                              
RC-90          Installation and Testing Equipment                                     
RC-91          Noise Suppression Equipment                                             
RC-92          Control Equipment 
RC-93          Target Transmitter 17.5-158 Mhz (BC-655) , P/O SCR-555, -556, -575, -645 DF sets, TM11-5015,1943                                          
RC-96          Airborne Transmitter, for Fighter-plane tracking, one-ppm "pipsqueak"  
RC-97          Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-98          Radio Equipment                                                        
RC-99          Tank Interphone (BC-367/-667, -606, -739);TM11-702, 1944               
RC-100         IFF Equipment (BC--768,-769,-770); TM 11-1113, 1942                    
RC-101         Radio Equipment                                                        
RC-102         Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-103         ILS Equipment (BC-733, etc.); AN 08010-104, -187
RC-104         Marker Equipment                                                       
RC-105         Radio Equipment                                                       
RC-106         Keyer Equipment                                                        
RC-107         Transmitting Equipment                                                 
RC-108         Oscilloscope                                                           
RC-109         Antenna Equipment 
RC-110         Training Device forSCR-520, -540, and -720 Radar Sets BC-790            
RC-111         Training Device for AN/APS-11 radar (BC-691)                            
RC-112         Control Equipment                                                      
RC-113         Control Equipment                                                      
RC-115         Marker Beacon Transmitter, 75MHz (BC-902)                               
RC-116         Antenna Equipment
RC-117         Grounding Equipment                                                    
RC-118         Receiving and Transmitting Equipment                                   
RC-120         Facsimile set, transceiver like AN/TXC-1, TM 11-375B,1944               
RC-121         Radio Equipment                                                        
RC-122         Grounding Equipment                                                    
RC-123         Grounding Equipment                                                    
RC-124         Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-126         Radio Equipment
RC-127         IFF Set, 157-187 Mhz (SC-1267,-1293;I221A Indicator,RA-105). Also see RC148 and-184;TM 11-1315, 1944                                      
RC-128         Antenna Equipment                                                     
RC-129         Antenna Equipment                                                      
RC-130         Operating Equipment                                                    
RC-131         Operating Equipment                                                    
RC-132         Airborne Magnetometer, for ASW Use; became AN/ASQ-1                   
RC-133         Time Control Equipment for16 telephone lines, 1kHz tone signals
RC-134         Switching equipment                                                    
RC-135         Switching equipment                                                    
RC-137         Microphone Amplifier                                                   
RC-138          Radio equipment