Ordnance Training Detachment-Gordon (OTD-G)


Iron Mike     73rd Ordanance Battalion    

Constituted on 18 October 1927 in the Regular Army as the 13th Motor Transport Command.  Re-designated on 1 May 1936 as 1st Battalion, 37th Quartermaster Regiment; re-designated on 1 June 1940 as 73rd Quartermaster Battalion later activated on 9 June 1941 at Fort Lewis, WA.     Reorganized and re-designated on 23 December 1948 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 73rd Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion (the 3485th, 3486th, and 3487th Ordnance Medium Automotive Maintenance Companies were concurrently re-designated as Companies A, B, and C, 73rd Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion).  Inactivated on 20 July 1950 in Germany. Re-designated on 14 February 1957 as the 73rd Ordnance Battalion, Activated on 1 May 1957 at Fort Hood, TX.   Inactivated on 25 August 1961 at Fort Carson, CO.  Headquarters was transferred on 31 October 1986 to the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command and organized at Redstone Arsenal, AL.   Inactivated on 6 June 1990 at Redstone Arsenal, AL. The 73rd Ordnance Battalion activated on 1 October 1994 at Fort Gordon, GA. Since the Battalion’s activation, Delta Company was inactivated on 3 October 2000 and Charlie Company was inactivated on 1 October 2010. 

The current mission of the 73rd Ordnance Battalion is to provide command, administrative, and logistical support to all assigned and attached Soldiers; provide a unit environment which will produce a well-trained, highly motivated, disciplined, physically fit Advanced Individual Training (AIT)/Initial Entry Training (IET) Soldier who is competent in basic Soldiering and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) related skills and provide support for Ordnance Electronic Maintenance Departments.

The 73rd Ordnance Battalion trains and develops motivated, disciplined, physically-fit Ordnance Soldiers and warrant officers who live by the seven Army values and are competent in entry-level MOS and common Soldier skills. The unit also provides Soldier and family support systems that support the Ordnance Soldier and family.

Ordnance Electronic Maintenance Training Department

  Prior to 1 October 1994, both Signal and Aviation Corps electronic maintenance military occupational specialties (MOS’s) were trained at Fort Gordon. Some Signal MOS’s were trained in the Electronic Maintenance Department (EMD), and both Signal and Aviation MOS’s were trained in Specialized Electronics Department (SED).   As a result of the Electronic Maintenance Study (ELMS), Ordnance Corps became the Army proponent for all electronic maintenance. On 1 Oct 93, SED and EMD were merged into a single department, named Maintenance Support Department (MSD). On 1 Oct 94, MSD was designated as Ordnance Electronic Maintenance Training Department (OEMTD) and transferred to the US Army Ordnance Missile and Munitions Center and School (USAOMMCS), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. OEMTD remained at Fort Gordon as a tenant activity. Signal MOS’s 29E, 29S, 39E, 29J and 29N were transferred to Ordnance as 35E, 35F, 35J, and 35N. MOS’s 29E and 29S merged to 35E. Signal warrant officer MOS 256A also became an Ordnance MOS, 918B.

LineageArmy Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal

• On 1 Oct 95, the Aviation Intermediate Level Maintenance (AVIM) MOS’s trained by OEMTD (68L, 68Q, 68R and 93D) were changed to Ordnance MOSs 35L, 35Q, 35R and 35D. On 1 Oct 97, the two OEMTD Advanced NCO Courses (1-35-C42 Electronic Maintenance Chief and 102-35D40 ATC Equipment Repair Supervisor) were relocated to Redstone Arsenal, AL. These courses merged with other Ordnance Advanced NCO courses taught at USAOMMCS.
• On 7 Jul 98, OEMTD merged two training divisions. Electronic Technology Division merged with Avionics/Central Office/Terminal Division. The new division was Avionics/Terminal/Electronic Technology/Automation Division (ATETA Div). The change was driven by FY 99 funding constraints. OEMTD moved from Brant, Cobb, and Johnston Halls to Hazen and Fisher Halls during 1st Qtr FY 99. The move was part of a major relocation of Fort Gordon activities to improve training space management. The relocation centralized OEMTD in four adjacent buildings.
• On 1 Oct 98, the eight OEMTD Basic NCO Courses (35D30, 35E30, 35F30, 35J30, 35L30, 35N30, 35Q30, and 35R30) relocated to Redstone Arsenal. They merged with other Ordnance Basic NCO courses taught at USAOMMCS. On 1 Jun 99 ATETA Division was renamed ETD when the 35D, 35J, 35L, 35N, and 35R courses were moved to Radio/COMSEC/Special Electronics Division (RCSD) which then became Radio/COMSEC/Special Electronics/Aviation Division (RCSAD).
• On 1 Oct 99, MOS 35Q merged with MOS 35R. New MOS 35R title is Avionic Systems Repairer.
• On 1 Oct 99, MOS 918B WOBC and WOAC became two-phase courses. Phase 1 (DA and Ordnance common core) is trained at USAOMMCS, Redstone Arsenal, AL. Phase 2 (MOS equipment) is trained at OEMTD, Fort Gordon, GA. 34Raising the Flag at Iowa Jima86th, and 3487th
• On 1 Oct 02, USAOMMCS was renamed USAOMEMS.
• On 1 Oct 04, MOS's 35J and 35N merged with MOS 35F.
• On 1 Oct 05, MOS 918B becomes 948B.
• On 1 Oct 05, MOS’s 35D, 35E, 35F, 35L and 35R changed to 94D, 94E, 94F, 94L, and 94R respectively.
• On 1 Jan 10, OEMTD restructured to 4 Divisions: Aviation Control/ Survivability Division (ACSD) with MOS's 94D and 94R; Aviation /Ground Radio Division (AGRD) with MOS's 94E and 94L; Basic Electronic Training, Chemical, Computer Division (BCCD) with MOS 94F and Basic Electronic Training; Warrant Officer Division (WOD).


Ordnance Training Detachment-Gordon
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