Ordnance Training Detachment-Gordon (OTD-G)

A day in the Life of a Cobra Soldier

Technical, Tactical and Proficient WarriorsHere at the 73rd, we take training seriously. In addition  learning  the technical skills that give a soldier his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) title, the Cobra soldier also learns tactical skills.  MOS-I, and MOS-T Soldier's will have the opportunity to train in several combat related tasks. This training includes (but is not limited to), Hand-to-Hand Combatives, Building Clearing, Night Operations, Weapons Emersion, and much, much more. This training is one of the final stages in the soldier's transformation into an Army Combat Warrior.

Attention all students coming to Fort Gordon TDY for the NBC-RV and JBPDS   ASI classes. According to the Fort Gordon Garrison Commander’s Policy #66, ¶3-a,   the student's unit need to fill out a DA Form 4187 and issue a Statement of   Non-Availability. Here is the hyperlink to the policy letter: GCPolicy_66.pdf.

Also the Soldier's unit must process them to receive a Government Credit Card.


Ordnance Training Detachment-Gordon
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