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On behalf of the SIGCoE Career Program Manager, Mr John Rutt, SIGCoE at Ft Gordon GA is pleased to host CP34 training - Advanced IT Project Management (9-13 Jul 12) and Intermediate ITIL (6-10 Aug 12). Information and nomination forms are located on AKO at links below. CP-34 will fund tuition and the applicant's organization will fund any Travel/Per-Diem involved (if TDY funds apply). CP34 must pay for no-shows; please ensure you are able to attend prior to nomination.

Please carefully review the information/description/eligibility/pre-reqs for each course prior to completing the nomination form. Ensure correct, accurate completion of the nomination form. SIGCoE personnel should ensure Mr John Rutt is listed as the CP34 Manager on their nomination form. Applications are routinely returned for incomplete employee and/or supervisor justification on the nomination form; please follow all instructions. CP34 is final approval authority and will confirm registrations soon after the course nomination deadlines, complete a SF 182 for those approved, and provide further instructions.

Advanced IT Project Management - 9-13 Jul 2012 Vincent Hall Rm 95. Max: 25 seats. Nomination suspense: 1 Jun 12. Info located at

ITIL Intermediate Level - 6-10 Aug 2012 0800-1630 Cobb Hall Rm 112. Max: 13 seats. Nomination suspense: 20 Jun 12. PRE-REQS: (1) Must complete prereading assignment and must provide proof of ITIL Foundations certification. Info located at


1. Must be CP34 series GS 12 or above (GS 11 non interns may apply on a grade waiver basis with strong written justification from their supervisor or CPM). Submit signed grade waiver justification with nomination form.

2. Must have at least 3 years of permanent Army employment. Army civilian position (prior military service or contractor experience will not satisfy this requirement).


1. Accurately complete nomination form. Incomplete forms/packages will not be processed.

2. Supervisor, training manager, or CPM must submit nomination form via encrypted email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any applications coming directly from applicants will be returned without action or referral.

2a. If TDY to Ft Gordon, email must include statement acknowledging that the organization understands they are responsible for all TDY costs.

2b. Email must also either attach the individual's most recent SF 50 OR include supervisor/CPM confirmation that grade, series, and 3 year rule are all met. CP 34 will validate this information.

2c. If submitting signed grade waiver, attach to email.

2d. If applying for ITIL class, must provide proof of ITIL Foundations v3 certification. Free CP34 ITIL Foundations voucher program is available thru 1 Jun 12. For info go to