5th Signal Command



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5th Signal Command

Headquarters, 5th Signal Command was constituted in the Regular Army and activated in Germany on July 1, 1974. The Command traces its original heritage to the U.S. Army Signal Command, Europe, organized under USAREUR General Order dated March 20, 1958, which consolidated military communications in the European Theater. It consisted of the 4th and 516th Signal Groups and 102nd Signal Battalion supporting Army Group, Central Europe; North Atlantic Treaty Organization; USAREUR; and other elements in Europe as directed.




To build, operate, defend, and extend network capabilities IOT enable mission command and create tactical, operational and strategic flexibility for Army, Joint and Multi-National Forces within the EUCOM and AFRICOM Areas of Operations.


A values based team of fit and disciplined professionals operating in an environment oriented on trust, transparency and accountability. To be the Information Technology service provider of choice in support of Unified Land Operations in the EUCOM and AFRICOM Areas of Operations.