Bravo Company

Bravo Company, 442nd Signal Battalion - Logo


Bravo Company facilitates and supports quality, standards-based training and   education across all domains IOT develop signal leaders with the competence,   confidence and agility to employ command and control systems in support of full   spectrum operations.


  • Buccaneers

Professional Leadership Division Courses: (*AKO login required to view all information):

  • Signal Basic Officer Leadership Course (SBOLC)*
  • Signal Captains Career Course (SCCC)
  • Signal Captains Career Course  RC (SCCC-RC)
  • BN/BDE S6 Courses
  • Joint C4 Planners Course (JC4PC)
  • Joint Spectrum Management (25E)
  • S-Digital Master Gunner (DMG) Course
  • A340/P943 (ILE)
  • 25E30
  • 25E40
  • PCC
  • Additional Information at Bravo Company’s LandWarNet eUniversity (see “Required In-processing Documents/Information” #11 below for enrollment instructions.)

Company Informational Resources:

Contact Information:

  • CDR: 706-791-5314
  • 1SG: 706-791-5599
  • Course Manager/Training and Academic Counselor: 706-791-2112
  • Training Room: 706-791-3757
  • Staff Duty: 706-791-8220
  • Battalion FAX: 706-791-5336
  • Location: Building 25701, Barnes Ave and 25th Street
  • Installation:  Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905

Additional Unit Infomation: