Charlie Company

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Charlie Company is responsible for students assigned to  the Telecommunications Systems Engineering Course (FA24), Information Systems  Management Course (FA53), the Warrant Office Basic Course (WOBC) and the  Warrant Officer Advanced Course (WOAC).

To facilitate and support quality world class training  and education across all training domains IOT develop signal leaders  and cyber technicians with the competence, confidence and agility to enable  mission command and  cyber operations at the strategic, operational and  tactical levels throughout the spectrum of conflict.


Rock Steady and Razor Sharp

Subordinates Units:

  • Information Dissemination Management Division (IDMD)
  • Cyber Security Division (CSD)
  • Network Management Division (NMD)

Company Informational Resources:

Contact Information:

  • Commander: 706-791-3316
  • First Sergeant: 706-791-1527
  • Orderly Room: 706-791-7913
  • Training Room: 706-791-5617
  • Staff Duty: 706-791-2516
  • Company FAX: 706-791-3235
  • Location: Building 25701, Barnes Ave and 25th Street
  • Installaton:  Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905

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