On behalf of the Cadre and Staff of the Advanced Leader Course (ALC), we want to personally congratulate you on your selection to attend this monumental step in the professional development process of a Signal Noncommissioned Officer. This course is designed to be the cornerstone of the skills needed as a Signal Noncommissioned Officer.

Our mission is to evaluate and enhance the professional ability, personal characteristics, and fundamental leadership traits required of today’s leaders. You were selected to attend the Advanced Leader Course based on your duty performance and the potential for increased responsibility.  We challenge you to maximize this opportunity by applying yourself completely and fully in developing the tactical and technical skills you will need to train future Signal Warriors.

The Small Group Leaders (SGL) and staff here at the Advanced Leader Course are highly trained professionals with the primary goal of providing every student with the highest level of military education, leadership, and support to ensure you excel past the basic graduation requirements.  We look forward to your participation in this demanding and educational course.  We are dedicated and committed to maximizing your full potential. Once again congratulations on your selection and GOOD LUCK! 



From Gate 1/Atlanta

From Gate 2

From Gate 5/Augusta Airport


You are highly encouraged to take advantage of the training offered at the above link to test and improve your skills PRIOR to your arrival at school.


State your name, rank, and MOS in the subject line. There are multiple MOSs at the Academy and you will get the best answer to your questions by stating your MOS in subject line.

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