Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Q. Do I need to bring a complete Army Dress Uniform?
     A. Yes (ASU's or Class A's).
2.  Q. Do I need a rental car?
     A. The RNCOA will not authorize rental cars, your unit must authorize and pay for rental cars.
3.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in ALC?
     A. No, ALC has an adequate amount of barracks space, Students must bring their own linen;
     they will not be provided linen by ALC  
4.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in SLC?
     A. Its possible that you will live in a hotel off-post until on post lodging is made available.
5.  Q. Do I need an over 40 physical if I'm over 40?
     A. Periodic Health Assessment is acceptable in lieu of.
6.  Q. Will I have transportation from the local airport?
     A. No, Taxis are available (ensure you use a Fort Gordon Taxi).
7.  Q. Do I need to complete SSD 2 prior to reporting to ALC?
     A. Yes, this is a course prerequisite.
10. Q. Are waivers allowed for the Army Height / Weight Standards?
      A. No, all students are required to meet the standards IAW AR 600-9. If you fail to meet AR 600-9  
      by the time of your graduation, you will receive a (Failed to Achieve Course Standards 1059).
11. Q. Where do I report? 
      A. During Duty Hours:
      ALC- BLDG 24410
      SLC - BLDG 24403 (Look for the building with the Senior Leaders Course sign in the front.)
      After duty hours ALC and SLC will report to BLDG# 24402 (The RNCOA HQs) at the corner of Lane   
      Ave and 25th St.
12. Q. What documents are required for ALC / SLC?
      A. Click on the "In-processing Info" link.
13. Q. Who is responsible for adding my DA 1059 to my OMPF?
      A. ALC / SLC will forward all 1059s to HRC. We highly advise that all Soldiers check to verify it was 
      accepted. If it was not, contact ALC/SLC for further guidance.