Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Q. Do I need to bring a complete Army Dress Uniform?
     A. Yes (ASU's).
2.  Q. Do I need a rental car?
     A. The CNCOA will not authorize rental cars, your unit must authorize and pay for rental cars. However, we highly encourage units to do so, based on classroom locations and Academy op tempo.
3.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in ALC?
     A. No, ALC has an adequate amount of barracks space, Students must bring their own linen;
     they will not be provided linen by ALC.  
4.  Q. Will I get a hotel room while in SLC?
     A. Its possible that you will live in a hotel off-post until on post lodging is made available.
5.  Q. Do I need an over 40 physical if I'm over 40?
     A. Periodic Health Assessment is acceptable in lieu of.
6.  Q. Will I have transportation from the local airport?
     A. No, Taxis are available (ensure you use a Fort Gordon Taxi).
7.  Q. Do I need to complete SSD 2 prior to reporting to ALC?
     A. Yes, this is a course prerequisite.
10. Q. Are waivers allowed for the Army Height / Weight Standards?
      A. No, all students are required to meet the standards IAW AR 600-9. If you fail to meet AR 600-9  
      by the time of your graduation, you will receive a (Failed to Achieve Course Standards 1059).
11. Q. Where do I report? 
      A. See Reporting Procedures page in the NCOA Menu.
12. Q. What documents are required for ALC / SLC?
      A. See Inprocessing Information in the NCOA Menu
13. Q. Who is responsible for adding my DA 1059 to my OMPF?
      A. ALC / SLC Training Coordinators will forward all 1059s to HRC. We highly advise that all Soldiers check to verify it was accepted. If it was not, contact ALC/SLC for further guidance.