Moments in Signal History

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Civil War

The Wig-Wag

The Greely Expedition

The Military Telegraph

Wartime Operations

The Signal Corps Weather Service


Spanish American War

War with the Spanish

Signal Corps Balloon in Cuba

The Boxer Rebellion

Post War San Fransico Earthquake



World War I

Wright Flyer Crash

Carrier Pigeons

The Hello Girls




World War II

Comanche Code-Talkers

Signal Motion Picture Studio

White House Communications Agency

Joint Assault Signal Company (JASCO)



The Cold War

Cold War Era Satellites

Project Diana






Korean War

Korea and the Cosmos Satellites






Signal Corps in Vietnam

PRC - 25 Squad Radio





The Gulf War

Desert Shield/Desert Storm

Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE)

Antenna Farms




Global War on Terror

Warfighter Information Network - Tactical (WIN-T)






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