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Army Communicator

View the PDF here Special Edition 150th Anniversary Army Communicator PB 11-10-2 2010 Vol. 35 No. 2

"Congratulations to the United States Army Signal Corps on your 150th Birthday!"

A letter from the Secretary of the Army, United States Army Chief of Staff and Sergeant Major of the Army to the Signal Center for 150 years of unsurprassd excellence.

View the PDF here 150th Anniversary of the United States Army Signal Corps.

Chief of Signal Sends

The “Chief of Signal Sends” is a message sent from the Commanding General of the US Army Signal Center of Excellence to highlight events in the Regiment.

10-0002 Chief of Signal Sends 150th

Press and Marketing

News provided by the Fort Gordon Signal Newpaper "The Signal"

For more from The Signal, their offical site can be found at their public domain HERE.

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There is catalog of images accessible through their relative event headings under the HISTORY SECTION.

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For links to the FaceBook 150th Celebration Photo Albums



Signal Poster Gallery



Regimental Command Sergeant Major Tom Clark Jumps with the Golden Knights for the 150th Celebration!

If you are having trouble viewing the video it can be downloaded HERE.

"Army Now" video highlights 150th Signal Birthday.


Signal Center Facebook Media Page




The U.S. Army Signal March

From Flag and torch in the Civil War,
To signal satellite afar,
We give our Army the voice to give command,
On battlefield or global span,
In combat, we’re always in the fight,
We speed the message day or night,
Technicians too, ever skillful, ever watchful,
We’re the Army Signal Corps.

Download the Signal Song Here

Signal Song Instrumental

Signal Song with Vocals

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150th Branding Package


The following kit can be used to assist in branding your website and documents to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Signal Corp. The kit contains the official Signal 150th Logo and a sample PowerPoint template.


150th Signal Corp Branding Kit

Download Branding Package HERE

150th Educational Package


Welcome to the history section of the site. We are working diligently to provide content on this and other sections of the site. Please use the link on the note posted above to sign up to receive updates when new content or changes are made to the site.

Below is a slide presentation containing an overview of Signal Corps history.


150th Signal Corp History Learning Kit

Download History Learning Package HERE



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