Cyber Training Battalion


Cyber School DUI

The Cyber Training Battalion executes mission command over personnel assigned to the Cyber School and serves as the training execution arm for Cyber and EW training on behalf of the Commandant, under the direction of the Assistant Commandant and Cyber School Directorate of Training for Cyber. The unit provides battalion level C2, battle-focused training, and administrative and logistical support to develop trained, ready, and agile military and civilian leaders capable of functioning and surviving in the contemporary operating environment. As directed, the battalion is responsible for training all current 29 series Soldiers; Career Field 17 MOS producing courses; and all functional (to include training that provides an ASI) and transitional cyber courses. The battalion conducts training IAW TRADOC and CAC guidance to include associated tactical training events. The unit facilitates and resources multi-echelon capstone events, to validate training core competencies, and execute those tasks in a demanding environment that is realistic, relevant, and reflective of the common operating environment.