Fort Meade, MD


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Cyber Center of Excellence NCO Academy Detachment

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

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Welcome to the official site of the Cyber Center of Excellence NCO Academy Detachment, located on Fort Meade, MD. This institution trains the best NCOs in CMFs 25 and 46, training more than 300 NCOs annually.

Courses Offered:
25M (Multimedia Illustrator) ALC
25R (VI Equipment Operator - Maintainer) ALC
25V (Combat Documentation/Production Specialist) ALC
46Q/R (Public Affairs / Broadcast Specialist) ALC
25Z (Visual Information Operations Chief) SLC
46Z (Chief Public Affairs NCO) SLC

Our Mission:

The Cyber Center of Excellence Noncommissioned Officer Academy Detachment’s mission is to train current Visual Information Operations and Public Affairs NCOs by developing and promoting professional attributes, confidence and team building, required of all NCOs; in their ability to handle modern day leadership challenges in support of Premier Cyber Center of Excellence Noncommissioned Officer Academy in order to accomplish its mission for the Army 2025 and beyond.

Our Vision:

A Noncommissioned Officer Academy Detachment with Small Group Leaders and staff who provide world-class, strategic focus thinking, relevant and realistic training; and a 21st century technology-based learning environment to the most adaptive, innovative Visual Information and Public Affairs leaders; who are able to support current and future Strategic Operations.

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