67th Home

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Contact Information

Fort Gordon, GA, 30906
Tel: 706.791.5493
DSN: 780.791.5493
S1 (706) 791-4468/4384
S2 (706) 787-8198
S3 706) 791-6329
S4 (706) 791-1047
Chaplain (706) 791-3959
Reenlist (706) 791-7919

67th ESB - The Lightning Force!


DOIM Crest

The 67th ESB is headquartered and located at Fort Gordon, Georgia. The mission of the 67th ESB is, on order, to deploy worldwide to install, operate, maintain, manage, and defend theater level tactical voice, video, and data communications in support of operations across the full spectrum of conflict.

Staff Duty
(706) 791-6956

~ The Lightning Force! ~