15th SIG BDE

The 15th Regimental Signal Brigade conducts Professional Military Education, Initial Entry Training, and Functional Training in order to develop adaptive Signal and Ordnance Warriors committed to the Profession of Arms, who embrace the Warrior Ethos, and live the Army values; capable of effectively supporting and defending the cyber domain.

369th SIG BN

The 369th Signal Battalion transforms Soldiers into technically and tactically proficient Signal Warriors who are physically and mentally prepared to make an immediate positive impact to the Operational Army at their first unit of assignment; who know and live by the Soldier’s Creed, the Army Values, and understand the importance of teamwork.

442nd SIG BN

The 442nd Signal Battalion implements Institutional Leader Training and Education, generating confident, competent Signal and Cyber Leaders and Technicians capable of operational adaptability across the Range of Military Operations.

551st SIG BN

The 551st Signal Battalion provides world class Advanced Individual Training to transform Soldiers into disciplined, physically fit, mentally prepared, technically, and tactically competent “Signal Warriors” who live the Army Values and stand ready to make a positive contribution to the Operational Army.

Cyber Training BN

The Cyber Training Battalion provides battalion level C2, battle-focused training, and administrative and logistical support to develop trained, ready, and agile military and civilian leaders capable of functioning and surviving in the contemporary operating environment.

73rd Ordnance BN

The 73d Ordnance Battalion safely and efficiently trains technically proficient Soldiers in the 89A/B/D/E (EOD) and 94 Series MOSs, ensuring they are highly motivated, disciplined, physically-fit, and capable upon graduation to make an immediate and positive contribution to the operational Army.